Where’s Your Supersuit?

This was a funny quiz! Every wonder how your human abilities of organization (or lack there of) might translate over to the super-human world? Something as simple as keeping track of your “supersuit” could become a hassle, a chore, or if you’re like me, just another thing you gotta get done before the day is out!

I like my result:


You are always organized, prepared, and ready to go!  You take your superhero job super seriously, and we bet that your suit is perfectly folded in your briefcase.  You might even have a spare suit, a lint brush, and a needle and thread, just in case.




Disney Fact #149


In the Pixar movie The Incredible‘s, Mr. Incredible is on a chase. If you listen carefully, the street name that the dispatcher announces is “San Pablo Avenue” – which is the name of the street that the Pixar Headquarters is on. Also, the picture of the map (below) is actually a map of Emeryville CA, where PIxar Studios is located. Nice shout out!

San Pablo Ave. in Emeryville

The Pixar Theory

All right, who doesn’t love a well thought-out theory with their Sunday morning coffee? Especially when the can-be-so-mysterious Pixar is involved?

Pixar Films

Pixar Films

I recently discovered “The Pixar Theory” while searching for some hidden gems to share with you all. My search led me to blogger Jon Negroni’s page, where he has fanatically and quite impressively expressed his theory on the connection between each Pixar film. I strongly suggest you read his blog (here) first, to get the general understanding of his theory. The story arch is sure to change the way you view Pixar films. It’s a bit long, but extremely worth going through. Negroni also supplies a timeline complementing his theory which makes it easy to follow.



Negroni has successfully discovered an amazing amount of clues, story archs, and an intricate alternate universe that is the Pixar films.

This logo is now creepy...

This logo is now creepy…

Below is a video by the Super Carlin Brothers, where he describes Negroni’s theory very animatedly. It’s a good video to help sink in the theory, but again I would suggest visiting Negroni’s page first. His delivery is the best – it is his theory after all.

Additional Source: www.pixartheory.com