Happy Birthday Disneyland!

On July 17, 1955, Disneyland in Anaheim California opened its doors to a crowd of anxious people ready to explore the wonders of this new land!

The park has been through a whirlwind of changes over the past 63 years.

It’s such a historic place and Disney lovers like myself enjoy the nostalgia of it all. I’m hoping to make it out there next year for the D23 Expo and will absolutely spend a few days enjoying all Disneyland has to offer!

Keeping it old-school in memory of all that Disney has brought us over the years, I’m leaving you with a happy birthday wish from the first Disney princess ever!

Mark Your Calendars: PBS Special this Fall!

walt disney

Yes, we’ve barely entered summer and here I’m talking about a fall special – forgive me. But I knew if I didn’t post it now, I would forget about it completely, and this seems too good to miss! PBS will be airing a “Walt Disney” special this fall. Here’s the article direct from PBS:

At the semi-annual Television Critics Association conference today, PBS and AMERICANEXPERIENCE announced that “Walt Disney,” a new four-hour, two-night film that explores the life and legacy of one of America’s most enduring and influential storytellers, will premiere in fall 2015.

Directed and produced by Sarah Colt (“Henry Ford,” “RFK”) and written by Mark Zwonitzer (“JFK,” “Triangle Fire”), the film features rare archival footage from the Disney vaults, scenes from some of his greatest films, and includes interviews with animators and artists who worked on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Imagineers who helped design Disneyland.

“For many Americans — and for me — the twinkle and swish of the Sunday night Disney logo was pure magic. It was an invitation to a special event,” said Beth Hoppe, Chief Programming Officer and General Manager, General Audience Programming for PBS. “For my kids, introducing them to animated Disney movies from Beauty and the Beast to The Lion King brought us great joy and taught them life lessons. Now viewers of all ages can learn about the life and legacy of the man behind the magic and his continuing impact on our lives and culture.”

“Walt Disney is an entrepreneurial and cultural icon,” said AMERICAN EXPERIENCE executive producer Mark Samels. “No single figure shaped American culture in the 20th century more than he.”

In 1966, the year Walt Disney died, 240 million people saw a Disney movie, 100 million tuned in weekly to a Disney television program, 80 million bought Disney merchandise, and close to seven million visited Disneyland. Nearly fifty years later, his reach remains enormous. Few creative figures before or since have held such a long-lasting place in American life and popular culture.

Disney’s movies grew out of his own life experiences. He told stories of outsiders struggling for acceptance and belonging while questioning the conventions of class and authority. As Disney rose to prominence and gained financial security, his work was increasingly celebratory of the American way of life that made his unlikely success possible.

A polarizing figure — though true believers vastly outnumber his critics — Disney’s achievements are indisputable. He created one of the most beloved cartoon characters in history, Mickey Mouse; conceived the first ever feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; pioneered the integration of media and marketing with thousands of branded products; invented the anthropomorphic wildlife documentary; and conceived Disneyland, the world’s first theme park and the fulfillment of a lifelong desire to create a world unto itself.


It’s Official – a Disney Xmas Tree for 2015

I don’t know what took me so long, but I have made the decision that I desperately NEED to have my own Disney Christmas tree. Disney means so much to me, and I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas and all things Disney, so combining the two seems like a natural next step for this obsessed diva.


There are so many cool things for a Disney Christmas tree. In one of the many Disney groups I am in, a member submitted a video of his Disney Christmas tree, and it was amazing! He had a monorail set going around the tree in place of the traditional train set, and set figures around the tree in a mock Walt Disney World fashion, representing the parks! I was inspired!

Click the picture to be directed to the store, in case you feel inspired to get me a present ;)

Click the picture to be directed to the store, in case you feel inspired to get me a present 😉

I told some people that if they wanted to get me something for Christmas, a Disney ornament would be great! My lovely sister was the official first to offer me this gift (yes, she couldn’t wait until Christmas) and got me a Princess Tiana ornament, knowing that she is (one of) my favorite princess! Yay!

tiana ornament

Let the collecting begin…

Diva’s Return!

Hello to everyone! I have been away from my blog for far too long, but I had a lose in my life that affected everything. I’m sad to say that I lost a beloved pet 3 weeks back. The weeks leading up to his passing were especially difficult, and I took a break from my blog and other parts of my life to mourn and heal. I found it hard to celebrate magic every day when I felt like a piece of my heart was missing.

There is still a great sadness, of course, but when I watched the “Frozen: Making a Classic” special that was on the other night, I felt something revive itself in me. I missed my Disney escape, and now I feel that it is time to come back to it.


Love my boy forever ❤

In honor of my beloved dog, Oliver, who was such a huge part of my life for almost a decade, I will be dedicating this week to the best of Disney Dogs! I think he would have liked that. 🙂


Disney, In Relation to Being in Your 20’s

This hilarious little article I found on buzzfeed had me laughing so hard! I love that Disney can still be relevant in my life.


27 Shocking and Unexpected Facts you Learn in Your Twenties. Check it out!