Fun Fact Friday #181

Well, who knew. Angela Lansbury, the voice of Mrs. Potts, did not think she was suited to sing the ballad Beauty and the Beast. She recorded one take at the director’s request, to have for a back up if nothing else worked, and that one recording ended up in the film.

angela lansbury mrs. potts

I can’t imagine any one else doing a better job. Can you?

Fun Fact Friday! #178

It’s about time that I admit something to you. This is embarrassing enough, so please, be kind. I’m not proud.

This Diva has to confess that she has never actually watched Fantasia. Yes, the classic 1940’s movies that broke records and became one of the most unique films of all time, never graced my TV.

evil step mother


I tried. I really did!

A few weeks ago while perusing Netflix, I noticed that Fantasia was available. I made a blase statement that we should watch it again. Again. Just to refresh my memory.

Well it began and after five minutes of not much really happening, my movie ADD kicked in and I defaulted back to Lilo and Stitch (oh God they must never take that movie down!). Anyways, I tried again a few days later, but my attempts were unsuccessful. So, as I prepared my Fun Fact for today, letting you all know the Fantasia is the longest running Disney movie of all time at 124 minutes (there it is!), I was getting ready to refer to my favorite part.

And this – this is when I realized that I didn’t have one.

embarrass wardrobe

So I put the movie on again and began scrolling through the scenes. Aside from Mickey Mouse and the brooms, I was lost. What was going on?!

At that moment, I made a promise to myself to watch the movie. Someday…



                                 The Diva’s Favorite Part.

Fun Fact Friday #176 – Happy Birthday Disney… and ME!

Yes, it’s true. The fact that the Walt Disney Company was established on this day in 1923, combined with the fact that I was born on this day in 1986, has awarded me with the perfect, logically excuse as to why I am so obsessed with all things Disney! It’s written in the stars!

Normally on Friday’s I post a Fun Fact, but since today is my birthday, I’m going to serve up 5 juicy facts all about me+disney! Enjoy 🙂

1.) When I was two-years old, I went to Disney World for the first time. The best memory from this was when Baloo chased me around the yard! My parents still laugh about it today.


2.) I have a room in my house dedicated to all things Disney. The point of this was to keep my obsession contained… but, alas, the Den just couldn’t hold all of my love and so some of it has spilled over into my kitchen cabinets. And, possibly, my bedroom. Oh, and in my car… *yikes*

3.) I don’t know how many times I have been to Walt Disney World, but my best guess would be at least 10 times! I’ve also been to Disneyland twice, and have recently made last-minute plans to go back in November of this year!

4.) For the past three-years or so, I have kept this pin on my desk. My office is decorated professionally, and this it literally the only “fun” or “whimsical” item I have on display. I feel like it represents me, because I work int he construction industry, but I’m a Disney-Girl at heart! I love this pin!

minnie mouse pin

5.) The last time I was in Walt Disney World with my family was in 2011. It was a different trip, because we are all so much older now. We stayed at the All-Star Music hotel for a week. My greatest all star musicmemory, as cheesy as it may sound, was when the hotel did an outdoor movie by the pool. They were playing Beauty and the Beast, one of my all-time favorite movies. We had gone out to pick up a pizza at Giordano’s and sat outside, watching the movie, and just being together.

Since then, a lot has changed. My siblings and I have moved in and out of my parent’s home, every one is working different hours, and we all have our own friends/significant others/etc… that are threaded through our lives. Sometimes it saddens me to think that it will never be “the five of us” again. But thankfully, I have such wonderful memories to look back on, and Disney is a huge part of that.


Have a great weekend everyone! 

Little Girl Puts Gaston in His Place – Hilarity Ensues

Gotta love the inscription!

No matter how many times I watch this video, I still can’t get over the amazing interaction between Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) and this adorable little girl. This girl has got it in for the movie’s protagonist, and she’s ready to give Gaston a piece of her mind! His reaction is priceless, super kudos to this guy! The video has gone viral and there are so many other ones of this particular Gaston hamming it up for the crowd. Maybe I’ll run in to him… somday! Enjoy! 🙂

90’s Disney!


For those of you who may not know, I am a 90’s kid, through and through. We’re talking BackStreet Boys, moon shoes, enviable custom eraser collection, you get the picture. So I was beyond excited when I happened to stumble upon this video, which already has over 2 million likes! Your favorite Disney classics have been rearranged as 90’s hit songs, and it is awesome – especially the Aladdin medley. Enjoy!



First post of 2015! Starting with MovieTheories :)

buzz and woody conspiracy

If you enjoyed The Pixar Theory as much as I did, you’ll definitely like this video I stumbled upon.  A couple of theories regarding Pixar butt heads with The Pixar Theory, but its enjoyable and most of these are head scratchers. I’m most intrigued by the theory of Toy Story and The Walking Dead. Did that get your attention? 🙂