Tips & Tricks at Epcot

**Please note that these tips and tricks are always subject to change due to the parks constant additions. Always check the information ahead of time**

You have to travel through all the countries at World Showcase, or you’ll miss a whole lot of fun activities and performances! There is constant entertainment, and here I’ve outlined a few things by country.

Don’t forget to grab a passport. It’s a kit that comes with stickers you can add as you go through each country. If you meet someone from that country, they will sign your passport, usually in their native language. It’s under $20, and is the perfect souvenir!

Don’t forget – it’s here that the Hidden Mickey trend began, so be on the look out for some very historical Mickey’s!


There’s a special area where kids will enjoy doing crafts.

You can also catch a movie while venturing through this country.

Check out the acrobat show! Arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time to sit in front.

If you buy a fan at the gift shop, they will personalize it for free. It’s really cool, because they’ll write your name in Chinese. The fan is under $10 so it makes for a special, and budget-friendly, souvenir.

There are replicas of the terra cotta warriors in the Forbidden City.

In one of the shops in China, in the back, you’ll find a green bowl with water in it. When you rub the handles, the water dances. It looks like the water is coming from carved fish placed around the bowl. If you can’t get it to work right, ask a Cast Member for help!

United Kingdom

In the back of the pavilion, you’ll find an awesome Beatles tribute band called British Invasion plays there! They cover songs from different decades.

There’s a tea shop that sells unique teas and candy, home goods products, and jewelry that make nice souvenirs. The products don’t scream Disney, so for those of you looking for a keepsake from Disney that doesn’t scream Disney, this is a very nice option.

As you exit the UK and head towards Canada, there’s a small trail that leads off to the side. It’s shaded and you can relax there. It’s usually not crowded since it’s out of the way, but it’s also a good hidden spot to watch “Illuminations”.

Some of the shops have two stories, so make sure to look up! The second stories usually have cute vignettes for you to explore. In the “Crown & Crest” shop, you’ll notice above you hat there are many suits of armor, shields, and swords.

Head down the path and you will find the Knot-a-Garden, grown to represent a local apothecary. They grow the hedges a foot tall and shape them into a knot. Inside each section, a different herb is planted.


You can take a boat ride inside of the pavilion. The ride goes around the bottom of a smoking volcano, but it’s not scary. It’s meant to be a very relaxing ride.

You can sometimes catch a live mariachi band!

Before “Illuminations”, grab a water side table at Cantina de San Angel and watch the show!


There are beautiful Japanese gardens that lead up to a small museum.

As you enter Japan, notice the statue on the right. It was a gift from the Japanese government, given to Disney when the Magic Kingdom opened. It was moved to Epcot when it was completed.

Watch Miyuki, the candy artist, transform confections into works of art!

Or, stick around for the drummers to perform. It’s a lively and powerful musical experience that shakes the ground!

On the lower level, there’s an awesome store that sells nice little gifts and candy. You can choose an oyster that has a pearl in it. Ask a cast member to clean it for you, and they will put it in a decorative box for a special keepsake.

The sushi bar is out of this world! It’s also a prime location to be before “Illuminations”. You can watch the entire show while you eat. Sushi and fireworks, is there anything better?


There’s a gym inside the pavilion, along with a Viking ship that kids can climb.

There is also a movie/boat ride, but this ride is rough.

Between Norway and China is a cast member entrance. It’s set back from the walkway, but you can stand there and watch “Illuminations” with little or no obstructions.

There are trolls hidden throughout the gardens outside of Norway!


Canada has live music and a movie.


The deeper into Morocco you go, the quieter and more isolated it feels. I felt almost transported away. There’s cute shops and a nice water fountain, and the architecture is gorgeous. This is probably my favorite “country” to visit.

In the restaurant, you’ll be treated to a cultural belly dancing show. The colors are amazing!

Also in the restaurant, there is a letter signed by George Washington on display.


At the top of every hour, stand in the courtyard and look towards the clock. When the clock rings in the new hour, a German boy and girl statue appear and twirl around.


You can see “The Living Statues” here. It’s really, really cool.


Home to Belle, my favorite Princess!

If you get to the bakery about 30 minutes before the “Illuminations” show, you can sit at one of the bistro tables by the water. It’s one of the least crowded countries, but you’ll get a great view of the show and some yummy treats! Win-win!

You can sample French wines at Vins De France. For just the price of a souvenir glass, I’d say that’s a nice adult treat.

There’s a bike parked on the bridge in the lagoon area near the water. Next to it is an artist’s canvas revealing a completed painting.

Notice how the pavement looks different between France and Morocco. This symbolizes the Straits of Gibralter.


You can catch a fife and drum show, truly American!

Inside the pavilion, on the wall on the right-hand side (or behind you on the left as you enter), there is a painting of a B17 Fortress on the wall. When you walk across the front of the painting, the aircraft seems to have moved to face a different direction.

Don’t miss The American Adventure show! Get a seat front and center, it’s the best spot.

Notice that on the face of the clock, instead of roman numeral IV for four, they used IIII to avoid confusion when looking at the clock from far away.

Future World

Don’t forget to stop by Club Cool! You can try all different Coca-Cola flavors from around the world. A nice, cool drink in an air-conditioned building is already tempting, but knowing that all the drinks are free makes it something you absolutely can’t miss!

Outside of the Imagination Pavilion is a reverse waterfall!

As you enter The Land building, look at the ceiling. You’ll see 5 balloons. The middle balloon represents Earth, while the four surrounding balloons represent the different seasons. The yellow balloon represent the Summer, orange for Autumn, blue for Winter, and green for Spring.

If you’re at the Innoventions Plaza at nighttime, look down! The walkway is laced with fiberoptics! They light up slowly and fade away.

At Club Cool, notice the tractor’s treads. It’s shaped like Coke bottles.

Time Saving Tips

Head over to the World Showcase the moment it opens (11:00am). Most people start at the beginning in Future World, so you might get ahead of the crowd and enjoy exploring all of the wonderful countries early, and when you have the most energy!