Tips & Tricks at Animal Kingdom

**Please note that these tips and tricks are always subject to change due to the parks constant additions. Always check the information ahead of time**

Well, here it is! I’ve organized all this awesome information into three categories: Rides & Attractions, Time Saving Tricks, and Cool Things to Discover! Hopefully this helps makes planning your Disney vacation more magical and exciting! Check back, this list will be updated frequently!

Rides & Attractions

Make reservations at the Tusker House between 1pm  and 1:40pm to reserve tickets for the 3:15 Nemo show.

Get a FastPass for Expedition Everest first thing in the morning. This is a very popular ride so the FastPasses could run out. It’s also a good idea to ride it when it gets very hot out.

The animals are said to be most active first thing in the morning. I caught the first Kilimanjaro Safari of the day when I was last there, and got too see a really good selection of animals. If you are staying at the resorts and have the Extra Magic Hours, see if the Animal Kingdom is open for one of those evenings and try taking a safari at night, too. It’s a completely different feeling and you might see different animals.

The farther back you sit on the Kilimanjaro Safari, the rougher the ride will be. So if you want a smoother ride, aim for the front.

At the Flights of Wonder in Asia, have your camera ready! They will pick a volunteer from the audience for a really awesome demonstration. Hang back after the show is over and the performers will let you meet the birds and even get your picture taken with them!

If you are looking to attend the parade, know that it begins and ends at the Safari. If you can catch the end of the parade, you might be able to meet some of the characters. A lot of the characters in the Animal Kingdom don’t make appearances in any other park, so it is worth it to stay.

Animal Kingdom brews its own beer, and you can find it at the Dawa Bar. It’s called Safari Amber.

At the Pangani Forest Exploration attraction, the Gorilla Observation area is usually quite crowded. Move through the crowd. There is a bridge that overlooks the gorillas on the right-side.

At the Conservation Station, kids can participate in a scavenger hunt for bugs.

Time Saving Tips

This park is one of the earlier ones to close, so if you hang around until then, it will die down a lot and you might be able to get in a few more whirls on Expedition Everest (if you’re in to that kind of thing!).

Long lines to get in? You can enter the park through the Rainforest Cafe, as well.

Cool Things to Discover!

On the way to the Kilimanjaro Safari, notice some rocks that are in the shape of animals. Also, the pond that the flamingos stand in (on the Safari) is shaped like Mickey ears!

There is an entertainer names “Miss Devine” who is usually found between Africa and Asia along the path the heads into the woods.

You will find Prayer Trees that have been draped with scarves in Anandapur in Asia. These scarves commemorate loved ones who have passed on.

As you exit “It’s Tough to be a Bug“, look up at the ceiling and notice the ‘bugs’ that are flying towards the exit doors.

When the Tree of Life was being built, Michael Eisner asked Jane Goodall to pick out a location for a chimpanzee to be sculpted. You can see this sculpture at the entrance outside of “It’s Tough to be a Bug“. The chimp’s name is David Greybeard. He’s the first chimp that Goodall ever observed. He is much more detailed than the other sculptures, and there is a plaque next to him.

When in Asia, you’ll notice bike tracks along the dirt. This detail helps add to the village feel, since there would be no modern conveniences here.

Another small detail can be found in Harambe, where a Coke bottle is perched on top of a utility pole to be used as an insulator for a power line.

You can encourage the Cast Members to play a game of “Recycle Basketbottle”, and you’ll receive a special Disney pin and a certificate presented by the DAK Custodial Team.

As you walk down the Discovery Island Trails, search oak a large shaded rock. Inside of this rock are dozens of small holes. Look through the holes and you’ll be able to hone in on specific carving on the Tree of Life.

As you walk towards Camp Minnie-Mickey, you’ll stumble upon an old watering hole (just after you cross the bridge). Notice Goofy is there, enjoying a quiet fishing trip with some of his friends.

In the entrance of the Conservation Station is a mural that hides over 30 Hidden Mickeys.

Notice the highway sign in Dinoland reads Route 498. This is in reference to the parks opening date, which was April 1998.

As you head towards Harambe Village, watch out for the last path to the right after the Tree of Life but before the bridge to Harambe Village. There, you will find a “secret path” covered in plant life to make it harder to see. But if you make it down the path, you will discover some really nice spots for photos with the Tree of Life in the background.

Men, visit the restroom at Raffiki Planet Watch (the one where all the animal faces are). While you’re doing your thing, the mirror will display questions about other animals bathroom habits. You NEED to wash your hands to get the answers.

If you sit in the outside area of the Tusker House, you will hear a recording of kitchen noises, such as dishes clashing, sweeping, glass breaking, etc… It’s a cute little extra.

In the Pizzafari, the rooms are all themes. They are: The Home Room, The Nocturnal Room, The Upside-Down Room, The Camouflage Room, The Four Seasons Room, and The Bug Room. Take some time to check out all of the murals that decorate this space.

Tips & Tricks at Epcot

**Please note that these tips and tricks are always subject to change due to the parks constant additions. Always check the information ahead of time**

You have to travel through all the countries at World Showcase, or you’ll miss a whole lot of fun activities and performances! There is constant entertainment, and here I’ve outlined a few things by country.

Don’t forget to grab a passport. It’s a kit that comes with stickers you can add as you go through each country. If you meet someone from that country, they will sign your passport, usually in their native language. It’s under $20, and is the perfect souvenir!

Don’t forget – it’s here that the Hidden Mickey trend began, so be on the look out for some very historical Mickey’s!


There’s a special area where kids will enjoy doing crafts.

You can also catch a movie while venturing through this country.

Check out the acrobat show! Arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time to sit in front.

If you buy a fan at the gift shop, they will personalize it for free. It’s really cool, because they’ll write your name in Chinese. The fan is under $10 so it makes for a special, and budget-friendly, souvenir.

There are replicas of the terra cotta warriors in the Forbidden City.

In one of the shops in China, in the back, you’ll find a green bowl with water in it. When you rub the handles, the water dances. It looks like the water is coming from carved fish placed around the bowl. If you can’t get it to work right, ask a Cast Member for help!

United Kingdom

In the back of the pavilion, you’ll find an awesome Beatles tribute band called British Invasion plays there! They cover songs from different decades.

There’s a tea shop that sells unique teas and candy, home goods products, and jewelry that make nice souvenirs. The products don’t scream Disney, so for those of you looking for a keepsake from Disney that doesn’t scream Disney, this is a very nice option.

As you exit the UK and head towards Canada, there’s a small trail that leads off to the side. It’s shaded and you can relax there. It’s usually not crowded since it’s out of the way, but it’s also a good hidden spot to watch “Illuminations”.

Some of the shops have two stories, so make sure to look up! The second stories usually have cute vignettes for you to explore. In the “Crown & Crest” shop, you’ll notice above you hat there are many suits of armor, shields, and swords.

Head down the path and you will find the Knot-a-Garden, grown to represent a local apothecary. They grow the hedges a foot tall and shape them into a knot. Inside each section, a different herb is planted.


You can take a boat ride inside of the pavilion. The ride goes around the bottom of a smoking volcano, but it’s not scary. It’s meant to be a very relaxing ride.

You can sometimes catch a live mariachi band!

Before “Illuminations”, grab a water side table at Cantina de San Angel and watch the show!


There are beautiful Japanese gardens that lead up to a small museum.

As you enter Japan, notice the statue on the right. It was a gift from the Japanese government, given to Disney when the Magic Kingdom opened. It was moved to Epcot when it was completed.

Watch Miyuki, the candy artist, transform confections into works of art!

Or, stick around for the drummers to perform. It’s a lively and powerful musical experience that shakes the ground!

On the lower level, there’s an awesome store that sells nice little gifts and candy. You can choose an oyster that has a pearl in it. Ask a cast member to clean it for you, and they will put it in a decorative box for a special keepsake.

The sushi bar is out of this world! It’s also a prime location to be before “Illuminations”. You can watch the entire show while you eat. Sushi and fireworks, is there anything better?


There’s a gym inside the pavilion, along with a Viking ship that kids can climb.

There is also a movie/boat ride, but this ride is rough.

Between Norway and China is a cast member entrance. It’s set back from the walkway, but you can stand there and watch “Illuminations” with little or no obstructions.

There are trolls hidden throughout the gardens outside of Norway!


Canada has live music and a movie.


The deeper into Morocco you go, the quieter and more isolated it feels. I felt almost transported away. There’s cute shops and a nice water fountain, and the architecture is gorgeous. This is probably my favorite “country” to visit.

In the restaurant, you’ll be treated to a cultural belly dancing show. The colors are amazing!

Also in the restaurant, there is a letter signed by George Washington on display.


At the top of every hour, stand in the courtyard and look towards the clock. When the clock rings in the new hour, a German boy and girl statue appear and twirl around.


You can see “The Living Statues” here. It’s really, really cool.


Home to Belle, my favorite Princess!

If you get to the bakery about 30 minutes before the “Illuminations” show, you can sit at one of the bistro tables by the water. It’s one of the least crowded countries, but you’ll get a great view of the show and some yummy treats! Win-win!

You can sample French wines at Vins De France. For just the price of a souvenir glass, I’d say that’s a nice adult treat.

There’s a bike parked on the bridge in the lagoon area near the water. Next to it is an artist’s canvas revealing a completed painting.

Notice how the pavement looks different between France and Morocco. This symbolizes the Straits of Gibralter.


You can catch a fife and drum show, truly American!

Inside the pavilion, on the wall on the right-hand side (or behind you on the left as you enter), there is a painting of a B17 Fortress on the wall. When you walk across the front of the painting, the aircraft seems to have moved to face a different direction.

Don’t miss The American Adventure show! Get a seat front and center, it’s the best spot.

Notice that on the face of the clock, instead of roman numeral IV for four, they used IIII to avoid confusion when looking at the clock from far away.

Future World

Don’t forget to stop by Club Cool! You can try all different Coca-Cola flavors from around the world. A nice, cool drink in an air-conditioned building is already tempting, but knowing that all the drinks are free makes it something you absolutely can’t miss!

Outside of the Imagination Pavilion is a reverse waterfall!

As you enter The Land building, look at the ceiling. You’ll see 5 balloons. The middle balloon represents Earth, while the four surrounding balloons represent the different seasons. The yellow balloon represent the Summer, orange for Autumn, blue for Winter, and green for Spring.

If you’re at the Innoventions Plaza at nighttime, look down! The walkway is laced with fiberoptics! They light up slowly and fade away.

At Club Cool, notice the tractor’s treads. It’s shaped like Coke bottles.

Time Saving Tips

Head over to the World Showcase the moment it opens (11:00am). Most people start at the beginning in Future World, so you might get ahead of the crowd and enjoy exploring all of the wonderful countries early, and when you have the most energy!

Tips & Tricks at Hollywood Studios

**Please note that these tips and tricks are always subject to change due to the parks constant additions. Always check the information ahead of time**

Well, here it is! I’ve organized all this awesome information into three categories: Rides & Attractions, Time Saving Tricks, and Cool Things to Discover! Hopefully this helps makes planning your Disney vacation more magical and exciting! Check back, this list will be updated frequently!

Rides and Attractions

At the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, you’ll find a well while waiting in the queue line, you’ll come across a dig site. There’s a rope hanging by the well with a sign that rads “Do Not Pull”. Ignore that. Pull the rope and see what happens!
Also, if you hang back after the show, you might be able to meet some of the performers and get their autograph.

At the attraction Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, ask a Cast Member for the trivia quiz. You work on it as you go through the attraction, and if you complete it, you will get a certificate.

Do the Fantasmic Dining package!!! You are pretty much buying tickets by eating at one of three restaurants (The Hollywood Brown Derby, Mama Melrose’s Ristorant Italiano, or Hollywood & Vine). You have to make reservations ahead of time and make sure to mention that you want to purchase the Fantasmic Dining package. At the end of your meal, you will get the number of tickets you requested to the show. Why is this such an AMAZING deal? For one thing, the Fantasmic show is by far the best show nighttime you’ll see at WDW. Not knocking the Electric Parade or Illuminations, but this show is beautiful, exciting, and unbelievably fantastic. I saw it over 4 years ago and am still talking about it!  We ate at Mama Melrose’s, and we did make on mistake. By purchasing this package, you have to order a certain amount of food (appetizer, meal, dessert). The food was amazing, just don’t plan a meal for the rest of the day. Next time, I’ll plan a late lunch. People who want to see the show will start to line up as early as 2 hours ahead of time. That’s ample park time that they’re missing! By doing this trick, you’ll arrive only 30 minutes ahead of time, you’ll be escorted through some pathways not seen by everybody, and arrive at a special Priority Seating area with awesome views! I know the meal might be expensive, but make it your one meal for the day. At least you won’t be wasting your ticket money standing in a line for a good part of your day!


Time Saving Tips

Always get a Fastpass for Toy Story Midway Mania first. This is one of the most popular attractions and the passes can run out as early as noon.

If you want to watch the parade and haven’t seen the Beauty and the Beast show yet, try this trick. Get over to the Sorcerer’s Hat around 30 minutes before the parade starts. Find a good viewing spot by looking at the route on the Times Guide. You’ll be viewing the beginning of the parade, so once the end passes by, you’ll have time to race over to the Beauty and the Beast show and catch the last performance.

Cool Things to Discover

 First Hidden Mickey of the day! Turn your Parks Guide map upside down, the map takes the shape of Mickeys ears!

At the attraction Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, scope out Disney’s school desk. You’ll see his initial, “W.D.”, carved into the desk! Also, there is a clock in this attraction which shows Disney’s time of death.

Discover a wonderful tribute to Windsor Mackay, a vaudeville actor and artist who has been credited with producing the first projected animated picture. After you enter the park, head straight past the first section of gift shops and turn left. You’ll find Gerti the Dinosaur in the pond.

When on The Great Movie Ride, look at the plane in the Casablanca scene. Ever wonder where the back half ended up? It’s at the Jungle Cruise ride at the Magic Kingdom.

Also on The Great Movie Ride, you’ll notice during the gangster shoot-out that the license plate number on the car is “021-429”. This is actually a date, 02-14-29, which represent the date of the Valentine’s Day Massacre, which occurred on February 14, 1929.

If you’re brave enough to enter the Tower of Terror, notice the date of the inspection sticker outside of the elevator before you board. It’s dated “October 31, 1939 and is signed by someone named Cadwallader. This is a reference to a character in the Twilight Zone episode “Escape Clause,” who turns out to be the Devil. You’ll also notice that the inspection certificate number is 10259, making tribute to the date on which the Twilight Zone’s first episode premiered, October 2, 1959.

Muppet Vision 3D is one of my favorite attractions. As you enter the building, you’ll notice a window to your right with a sign that says the staff is out, but there is a key under the mat. If you look, there actually is a mat under the window. Lift up the mat and you’ll find a key to Muppet Labs!

While waiting for the show to begin, you are standing in a room surrounded by all things Muppets. Hanging from the ceiling, you’ll notice a net that is full of green Jell-O. It’s “A Net Full of Jell-O”, in memory of Mouseketeer Annette Funicello.

Also to be found in that room is a large picture placed up in the rafters. This muppet is modeled after Jim Henson.

At the end of Toy Story Mania, as you exit, you’ll see money falling out of Hamm.

Tips & Tricks at the Magic Kingdom

**Please note that these tips and tricks are always subject to change due to the parks constant additions. Always check the information ahead of time**

Well, here it is! I’ve organized all this awesome information into three categories: Rides & Attractions, Time Saving Tricks, and Cool Things to Discover! Hopefully this helps makes planning your Disney vacation more magical and exciting! Check back, this list will be updated frequently!

Rides and Attractions

If you’re planning on riding the train, get on the last car. If you’re lucky, the conductor will let a few children stand in as guest conductors.

What better way to commemorate your first haircut then by heading to the barber shop in Main Street? You will receive a “First Haircut” certificate and parents will get a few locks to keep, too.

If you are or know a veteran, head over to City Hall. You might get chosen to participate in the daily Flag Ceremony where they lower the US Flag. The veteran will receive a certificate and pictures from the ceremony. It’s truly unique!

City Hall is also the place to go if it’s your birthday, anniversary, first time visiting the park… really anything worth celebrating, because you will receive a special pin commemorating the occasion!

Visit Fairytale Garden, found on the side of Cinderella Castle. There you will find an attraction called Story Time with Belle. She shows up several times a day, and with the help of some children from the audience, she recreates her adventurous tale! Afterwards, you can get your picture taken with her.

If you want to experience Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but are a little unsure if you can handle the intensity, sit in the front row for a tamer ride. If you crave more of a rush, sit in the back row.

After tiding BTMR, you may want to relax for a moment. Go find the Shooting Gallery, an often missed attraction in itself, where nearby you will find a couple of large tree stumps and a checkerboard. A nice game of checkers might reenergize you enough to take on Splash Mountain!

You remember Aunt Polly, who tasked Tom Sawyer to whitewash the fence. Well, she won’t be happy when she learns that he has lost the paintbrush! Every day, cast members hide a few paintbrushes throughout Tom Sawyer Island. Find one and return it to the raft driver, and you (and your family, so no need to find ALL of them!), will receive a FastPass to Splash Mountain or BTMR and maybe even get a pass to go to the front of the line for another major attraction!

If you take a trip on the Liberty Square Riverboat, which I recommend for a few peaceful moments, ask if you can join the Captain. You might be taken to the Captain’s Quarters and get a chance to pilot the shop. You’ll receive a Riverboat’s Co-Pilot license for a one-of-a-kind souvenir!

Watch a silent movie in the still operational Mutascopes. It only costs a penny!

To score major points on Buzz Lightyear’s Spin, hit the diamond plates. They’re worth the most. Also, if you manage to hit the ‘Z’ at the bottom of Zurg’s pulpit as you enter the third room, you will have hit the jackpot!

For Mickey’s PhilarMagic Show, the set of doors on the left lead to the front of the theater while the doors on the right lead to the back. Try and go through the left set of doors and sit in the front for the best experience.


Time Saving Tips

Always pick up the daily Times Guide at the entrance of each park. All of the scheduled shows, parade times, parks hours, and character signings can be found here. Also, attractions that are open on specific days at all parks will be outlined.

Get a table for dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern. If you can time it so that you are finished with dinner around 15-20 minutes before the Electric Lights Parade begins, you’ll be able to watch it from the porch of the restaurant and get amazing views!

A good place to watch the SpectroMagic Parade is by Town Hall, where the Parade starts. Once the end of the parade passes you, race over to Adventureland. It should be rather quiet since most people will still be watching the parade. The lines for Jungle Cruise, Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride, and Pirates of the Caribbean should be very short, if there’s a line at all!

So you got to the Magic Kingdom before the sun was high in the sky and now you’re ready to head out at night while the last fireworks sizzles out over Cinderella’s castle. It’s been a long day. Your tired feet are turning away towards the gates. Yeah, you and a thousand other families. You don’t really want to wait in another long, crowded line, do you? Okay, take my advice. Forget the boats, forget the buses, and head to the monorails. I know, duh Diva, that’s where most of the crowds are. But you see, most people are in line to take the Monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC), to get to their cars and leave. But much less people are getting in line for the Monorail to the Resorts. Why would you, since you need to get to the TTC. Well, the second stop after the Contemporary Hotel on the Monorail to the Resorts IS the TTC! You’ll get to the parking lot much sooner than most and also miss the traffic leaving the lot.

Cool Things to Discover!

The entrance to the Magic Kingdom entrance was built in the likeness as an elaborate (and clever) old-fashioned movie theater. The flowers serve to resemble the a movie marquee, with Mickey Mouse’s face representing the ‘feature’. The railroad is built above you and as you pass under it, it signifies being transported to another place. The tunnel that you walk through under the railroad was designed to keep you from getting hit with a full view of the park. Inside the tunnel, it is lined with ‘movie posters’ of ‘upcoming attractions’, which usually represent different rides (or attractions). Then, as you exit the tunnel, cleverly placed at the exit is a popcorn stand. The smell signifies that you have entered the ‘movie lobby’. On Main Street, the bricks are tinted red, mimicking the red carpet of celebrities, and as you stroll down the street, the second story windows of the buildings on either side of you have names etched on them. These are people who worked on the Magic Kingdom, and this signifies the ‘Opening Credits’. Once you pass the building, you have arrived at Cinderella’s Castle, the ‘Main Attraction’, the most recognized structure in the world. Let the magic begin!

If you plan to take the Main Street train, look around the lower level of the station. You will see Aladdin’s lamp, an artificial leg named Smith, and other items belonging to character’s waiting to be picked up. As you climb the stairs, you might hear an old-fashioned telegraph sending a message. It is actually Morse Code version of Walt’s opening day speech at Disneyland.

If you head over to Tony’s Town Square Restaurant on Main Street, you will see a set of paw prints in the cement from Lady and Tramp. Also, look for a talking statue of Goofy sitting on a nearby bench.

When your on Peter Pan’s Flight, you might spot a familiar mermaid; Aerial is sitting amongst the other mermaids in the scene. Also, look at the blocks in the nursery. They spell out “P Pan” and “Disney”.

On the ride “It’s a Small World”, in one of the last scenes, you’ll see a doll inside a balloon, holding a sign that says “Help!”.

Make your way to the candy shop on Main street and find an old phone on the wall inside the shop. Pick it up and you’ll be eavesdropping on a mother and daughter’s conversation.

When Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride became The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, a tribute was made to old Mr. Toad. As you enter Owl’s house, look to the left, and you will see a picture of Mr. Toad handing Owl the deed to the ride!

There are many hidden things in Cinderella Castle. If you sit on the stone ledge by the right side of the castle, you might hear Stitch giggling before he asks you to be quiet because he is hiding.

On one of the mosaics along the walls you’ll find the two stepsisters. They don’t look very happy!

Look up in the rafters of the castle and you’ll see some of Cinderella’s mice. Gus and Jacques are in the throne room.

On the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, see if you can locate the horse with the gold ribbon on its tail. His name is Major, and this is the horse that Cinderella’s father gave to her when she a little.

Near the Carrousel is the Sword in the Stone. Try and pull it out of the stone!

If you need a quiet break from the crowds on Main Street, there’s a nice place for you to relax. Between Main Street and the Crystal Palace restaurant, you will find Casey’s Corner. They serve all-American food. In the back room are some tables and benches, and they are placed in front of a large TV that’s playing old sports-themes Disney cartoons. There’s also an outside seating area where every once in a while, a ragtime piano player is there performing songs. He also takes requests.

After the final fireworks display at Magic Kingdom, hang back and see the “Kiss Goodnight”. This is when Cinderella Castle is covered in a rainbow of changing colors.

Take the upper path on the right side of Cinderella Castle to Fantasyland and you’ll find Cinderella’s Wishing Well. Why not toss a coin and make a wish, you never know. Disney is the place where dreams come true!

There’s also a painting of Cinderella on the wall. You’ll see that she is wearing a crown on her head. The painting is placed above a drinking fountain, and as you bow down, it appears you are bowing to the Princess. While you’re taking a drink, glance up at Cinderella and notice that her crown has disappeared.

Inside Sir Mickey’s Shop, look up to the ceiling where it meets to wall. You’ll see that Willie the Giant has lifted part of the roof and is peeking in on the shoppers inside.

If you reach the Jungle Cruise from Main Street, notice the Tiki statues next to Bwana Bob’s and listen carefully. You can hear drums off in the distance – but watch your step! If you’re note careful, the Tiki Gods will spit at you.

As you exit most Magic Kingdom attractions, you’ll notice that one the walkways they have painted footprints to show you which direction to head. Notice the difference when you leave the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Instead of footprints, you’ll see a single boot print, followed by a small circle. Must belong to a peg-legged pirate!

In the Swiss Family Tree House, throughout the tree you’ll see plaques placed in journal form that tell the story of the Robinson’s and their sons; Fritz, Ernest, and Francis.

The gold camel in front of Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride occasionally spits!

Liberty Square has some of the most amazing details within it. One small detail takes the history of America greatly into account. During the Revolutionary War, Britain would not sell weapons or ammunition to the Colonists. This left them with a need for metal to create ammunition. So, they would take the hinges off of their shutters and melted them down for ammo. Shutters were a very essential part of homes in those days, so this was a very big deal. To replace the metal hinges, the Colonists used leather to hold the shutters in place. This was not a very good substitute, and over time the weight of the shutters pulled the leather down, which caused the shutters to sag outward. Take notice of the sagging shutters in Liberty Square, truly a small detailed that is very easily overlooked.

The thirteen lanterns that are hanging in the Liberty Square Tree are there representing the 13 colonies. You’ll see them hanging on the big tree, on the left if you are facing the Paddle Wheel boat.

You can see (but not step on) the Presidential Step in Liberty Square. There is a gate around it, and the step is actually a marble slab from the Monticello, and President Jefferson actually walked on it.

There is a brown river flowing through the middle of the street in Liberty Square. This represents the “waste” from households back in colonial times. Since there was no plumbing back then, the people had to dump it somewhere and… on a side note, did you know that because of the waste rivers, high heels were invented to keep the bottom of women AND men’s clothing from getting soiled. Yuck!

In Tomorrowland, you might run into PUSH – a talking trash can! He a sarcastic character that moves around Tomorrowland and looks like a normal old trash bin, until he starts talking! He usually roams around for about 20 minutes every hour and is rumored to come and go from Mickey’s Star Traders.

Inside the women’s restroom at Cosmic Rays, you might hear Stitch as he’s looking for Lilo. He’s a little lost, but so is Lilo, since you can hear her searching for him in the men’s room!

On the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride, look for a crate that says “Lytum & Hyde Explosives Company”.