Fun Fact Friday! #185

Up, up, and away!


Boy what a week this has been. What made it even harder to concentrate at my desk job was knowing that my wonderful parents are vacationing at Walt Disney World as we speak! #Jealous!

It’s cool, though. They totally deserve time at the park and, seeing as I have been there multiple times without them, I really can’t complain (too much…).

But maybe just knowing that they are in the happiest place on earth is causing me to daydream, and in my daydreaming I am flying around, up and over the magical park. So naturally, today’s Fun Fact relates to Up!

Russell’s Wilderness Explorer sash dons several tribute pins.

One badge has a burger with a candle in it, referencing director Pete Docter’s favorite bakery, Merritt Baker, in Oakland. Another pin shows a perforated paper, typically used by 2D animators to line up drawings correctly. Lastly, there is a multicolored pinwheel reminiscent of Apple computers’ “hang” icon.

Super cool, huh? Those sneaky peeps at Pixar never miss an opportunity to add some hidden messaged in their movies! That’s what keeps them so interesting!



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