$10 Classic Doll Sale… WHY Disney Store… WHY?!?!

Oh boy… stumbling on this sale may be the end of me. Yes, it’s September and yes, I would like to start picking up some Christmas gifts early. But because I’m an obsessed freak for Disney, I keep finding myself navigating back to the Disney Store! And then I get roped in by all the cool, cute, totally amazing things they have online.

Normally I can stay strong and just scroll through. But today is different. Today ONLY, the online store is having sale on its classic dolls… ALL of them for $10 each.


It doesn’t help that the dolls are super precious and some come with their little sidekicks. Ahh! Why do I go on this site when I’m looking for gifts for other people? The only person who would want anything from this store (that I’m shopping for) is ME!

aurora-doll mulan-doll tiana-frog

The princesses are the cutest, but they do have the princes as well.

So, that’s all everyone. I will absolutely be taking advantage of this sale today. And I thought it was my Disney Diva duty to pass along this awesome sale!


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