Chill in the Air, Smile on my Face!


Mr. Oogie Boogie has made his presence known, sending a much-needed chill in the air and getting us in the mood for fall! Now autumn doesn’t officially begin for another couple of weeks, but after the summer I’ve had, I say…


Yes. This summer was all work work work. Literally. This New England lady didn’t get one day at the beach, one sniff of ocean air – NO! – not even a teensy, weensy sunburn on the tip of her nose. Seriously, friends, I feel as though I am walking out of a time capsule, like I traveled forward 3 months and I can’t account for the summer of 2016. It’s spooky.

The good – I mean, EXCELLENT! – news is, that because of all the many hours of work that I put in this summer, things are finally starting to fall into place, and that means that I can commit to my first love again; Disney blogging.

I’m celebrating my company’s success by planning a Disney getaway sometime in the beginning of next year. I hope I can make it til then!



***So glad to be back xoxo***

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