Fun Fact Friday! #183

It’s all about Zootopia! Oh boy, this was an instant favorite of mine. Perhaps that is because when I saw the film, I was in DISNEY SPRINGS!!! But seriously, this movie is awesome sauce and if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check it out! My review for it will be up soon enough 🙂

nick wilde judy

I found an excellent collection of little fun facts about the making of the movie here, at Oh My Disney.

My favorite? 

While working on the film, director of cinematography-layout, Nathan Warner, got more than he bargained for when caretakers introduced filmmakers to a rescued, real-life cheetah during their research trip to Africa. The big cat seemingly wasn’t fond of the camera Warner carried, and leapt up to let him know. Note: Neither filmmaker nor cheetah were harmed during the encounter.

Maybe the cheetah was made because he knew he was being used as a reference for Clawhauser, and didn’t want to be represented as the chubby big kitty!

We love you Clawhauser <3

                                                                                  We love you Clawhauser ❤

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