Back with a New Tat!

I’m excited to be back, blogging to my little hearts content! While I was gone, a few things changed. A lot, actually, to keep this diva busy! I sold my first home and moved in with my family, into an apartment in their house with my doggie. It’s been an adjustment but so much fun! I also enrolled in classes, and am excited to graduate in the Spring of 2017! I’ve also been working on creating my own baby Disney diva – the most exciting news of all! I have not been successful yet, but I know it’s going to happen and I just can’t wait!!! Oh my gosh I’m using so many exclamation points but it’s fine because I’m feeling greeeat!

Aside from moving, starting school, and becoming a mommy, I went ahead and got this gorgeous tattoo in honor of my Grandfather and also a nod to my dog, Anabelle. The relationship between Lilo and Stitch has always reminded me of how my shaky start with Anabelle began. There’s a lot of emotions for me with that movie in accordance with the challenges taken on with building a trusting and loving relationship with a different “species”. So, I always knew that I would get a Stitch tattoo.


                                              The Original idea

After the passing of my Grandfather in July 2015, I decided to connect the two since they are great loves in my life. My Papa was also my piano teacher, and the notes that Stitch is playing on his little guitar are from the first song Papa taught me. It’s a beginners song called Red River Valley, but the verse I chose has some symbolism for my relationship with him.

“Just remember the Red River Valley

And the One who has loved you so true.”


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