The Cast Of “The Jungle Book” Posed With Their Onscreen Animals…

……and it is AMAZING!

Check them out below. For the full article, click here.

Lupita Nyong’o voices Raksha, who cares for Mowgli like her own cub.

“She is the protector, the eternal mother,” Nyong’o said in a Disney press release. “The word ‘Raksha’ actually means protection in Hindi. I felt really connected to that, wanting to protect a son that isn’t originally hers but one she’s taken for her own.”

lupita jungle book

Giancarlo Esposito voices Akela, the alpha-male wolf who accepts Mowgli but also fears he’ll endanger the pack.

“Akela is a fierce patriarch of the wolf pack,” said Esposito. “He believes the strength of the pack lies in what each and every wolf offers. He’s a great leader, a wise teacher.”

giancarlo jungle book

Idris Elba voices Shere Khan, who was wronged by mankind and thinks Mowgli must be destroyed for the good of the jungle.

“Shere Khan reigns with fear,” said Elba. “He terrorizes everyone he encounters because he comes from a place of fear.”

idris jungle book

Sir Ben Kingsley voices Bagheera, Mowgli’s teacher and protector.

“Bagheera is Mowgli’s adoptive parent,” said Kingsley. “His role in Mowgli’s life is to educate, to protect and to guide. My Bagheera was military — he’s probably a colonel. He is instantly recognizable by the way he talks, how he acts and what his ethical code is.”

sir ben jungle book

Scarlett Johansson voices the treacherous, hypnotic python Kaa.

“Kaa seduces and entraps Mowgli with her storytelling,” Johansson said. “She’s the mirror into Mowgli’s past. The way she moves is very alluring, almost coquettish.”

scarlett jungle book

And Christopher Walken voices King Louie, the ape desperate to learn the secret of how to make fire.

“King Louie is huge — 12 feet tall,” Walken said. “But he’s as charming as he is intimidating when he wants to be.”

christopher jungle book

No word on Mowgli or Baloo. Guess we’ll have to wait for the movie! It comes out April 15 – yes, on tax day.


Spring: Day 2. Nor’easter…..

Whhhhhy! For those of you not stuck up here, let me give you a quick weather report. This morning as I left for the office I had to shovel snow off my car… yes, SNOW! The plows and salt trucks are out, and snow is dropping like it’s the middle of January. We’ll get 8″-12″ by tonight. Oh, and did I mention that since yesterday, it is officially spring?

disney calling me

Well, you know, there is a silver lining I suppose. I’ll be in glorious Florida next week! Yippee!

And the best part is, my father and I are taking a half day to visit Epcot! Woo hoo!!!

I’ll keep that happy thought with me as I trudge through the snow banks to my car this evening…


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

chip dale st patricks

What a perfect day to celebrate! It is Thirsty Thursday, after all. While I’m not of Irish decent, living in a suburb of Boston practically guarantees that you will have at least ONE  Irish friend or relative. And I do! I will be treated to an corned-beef and cabbage dinner tonight, courtesy of my cousins. I hope you all have some fun plans for tonight!


Plans for my new (Disney) tattoo!

Woo hoo! I am getting a new tattoo!

While I’m unable to share the drawing of it now since that is their policy at the tattoo shop, I am really excited about it and can describe it’s meaning to you all.

Essentially, I needed to find a character that I loved and would be OK with having on my body for the rest of my days. Stitch was the first to come to mine (although Pooh Bear was a close second). There’s a real symbolism for me regarding Stitch, and Lilo as well. The way that the two learned to grow together and really become great friends reminds me so much of my shaky start with my pup. While she was the opposite of the destructive, outgoing Stitch, there were some similarities when I adopted her. She was six-months old but had been through hell from the beginning of her life. Because of this, she did not trust any humans and really looked out for herself only (like Stitch who had zero interest in creating any relationship with Lilo).

It took me six months and a lot – I mean a LOT – of patience to finally get her to trust me. Another  year after that, she was integrated into the family. Our relationship was very difficult to start, and while she never had the chance to be a real “puppy”, she still got in to a good amount of trouble! But now, we have this great bond that is so fulfilling and I could not imagine my life without her.

For these reasons, I decided to go with Stitch to represent my unique relationship with the love of my life. Additionally, I wanted to honor my grandfather who passed away in July. Included in all of the wonderful things he did for me, one was being my piano teacher. I was able to find the sheet music to the first song he ever taught me, and immediately I knew that I had to add that to my Stitch tattoo. And lo and behold… look what I found!


My tattoo will include the music notes from that song, circling around Stitch! I’m so excited and can’t wait to get it done!

Do any of you have Disney-inspired tats, or looking to get one? I love looking at all the different ones, they are incredible!