NEW Giclée on Canvas Paintings are Astonishingly Gorgeous!

Recently I developed a love for the late artist Thomas Kinkade, an admiration reinforced after my visit to the beautiful gallery, Thomas Kinkade at Old Town in Temecula, California. Afterwards, I did what any good Disney Diva would do, and purchased half-a-dozen Kinkade Disney prints online. I have them now, rolled up in a closet, because what the heck am I going to do with all of those prints?!

Yes, the obvious thing to do would be hang them on the wall. But this girl has real hesitation with hanging things on walls. Why? Who knows. Doesn’t matter.

I knew before I went on a crazy shopping spree, and thanks to these new releases of Giclee artwork at the Disney Store, I’m afraid I will betray myself again! Luckily, these works of art are more pricey than the prints I was able to order.

frozen giclee lilogiclee

minniegiclee mulangiclee

I literally can’t get enough of looking at these! Maybe I’ll have to open up my OWN gallery. These paintings are incredible!

While I can’t say that I have a favorite, because that would be extremely difficult, I will say that the painting which made my jaw drop initially and has got me thinking of a potential placement – somewhere! – in my tiny house, is the Lilo and Stitch painting. How preciously surreal is that?

You can check out the rest the paintings by visiting the Disney Store online. They are currently under the “New Arrivals” page, or search for “Giclee on Canvas” and you’ll find them.

Now, I’m off to scour for loose change in the couch for completely unrelated reasons…


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