Aurora’s Logic


Dreamy girl. If only the doctrine you preached to the woodland animals near your secluded cabin were true, this Diva would currently be sunning by the cared-for pool outside of Leonardo DiCaprio’s mansion…

What?! He’s been popping up in my dreams since 1996! No offense, Princess Aurora, but at 16-years old, you can’t understand how much dedication that is. #SomedayMyLeoWillCome… (I know, wrong movie)

Happy (belated) Birthday Dick Van Dyke!

happy birthday

The jolly ol’ chimney sweep celebrated his 90th Birthday yesterday, and in some serious style, I might add. Kicking off his birthday weekend, the celebrated actor enjoyed a flash mob of assorted Mary Poppins characters as they danced at The Grove in Los Angeles on Saturday to some classic Poppins tunes.

He even joined in for a sing-a-long with the group! It’s a truly adorable and heartwarming video. Van Dyke is still so sharp, so funny, so animated! His acting career is speckled with feel-good family films, and he is a reminder of how television and movies used to be. Oh, the good old days. I just think he is amazing!

Even though I’m a day late, it still needs to be said: A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

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Fun Fact Friday! #179



While Disneyland is celebrating it’s 60th Diamond Anniversary this year, we should not forget to mention that there is another theme park celebrating a milestone year. This park is way on the other side of the world, in Hong Kong!

Yep. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort opening on September 12, 2005 and is the newest park, joining 6 others around the world!

So happy 10th Anniversary to you. While Disneyland is currently going diamonds in Anaheim, Hong Kong can celebrate with beautiful aluminum or fun and chic tin. OK, I know, that’s a stretch. Regardless, this beautiful park deserves a shout out!

WELCOME TO HONG KONG DISNEYLAND -- Mickey Mouse welcomes guests from around the world to the newest Disney vacation destination, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.  Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is DisneyÕs first theme park and resort in China, and Hong Kong Disneyland Park is the 11th Disney theme park worldwide.  Hong Kong Disneyland Resort opens Sept. 12, 2005.  (David Roark, photographer)

Disney’s Christmas Dilemma


Ah, Disney. You giveth, and you taketh away. For 20-years, folks (not including myself, regrettably) have enjoyed the splendor and amusement that is the Osborne Family Lights every holiday season. The would come from all over, like they usually do, and stare in awe at the beauty of the transformed Hollywood Studios as it was magically lit. Thankfully, enough people snapped photos of this event so that those of us who couldn’t attend could still bask in its glory – through a computer screen.

osborne 2  osbrone 3

When Disney announced that this would be the last year that the Osborne Family Lights would be up, an “unexpected” thing happened. I don’t buy that it was really unexpected, as this article from the Theme Park Tourist implies. But, I will agree, judging by the comments and record-breaking numbers that are apparently happening down there in Orlando, that Disney may be feeling overwhelmed.

osborne 1

But mainly I am letting you all know that if you are planning to see the lights, you should definitely read the article for some helpful information – especially regarding transportation.

Have any of you ever been? Are any of you planning on venturing down this year, or already have? Let me know!