Fun Fact Friday! #178

It’s about time that I admit something to you. This is embarrassing enough, so please, be kind. I’m not proud.

This Diva has to confess that she has never actually watched Fantasia. Yes, the classic 1940’s movies that broke records and became one of the most unique films of all time, never graced my TV.

evil step mother


I tried. I really did!

A few weeks ago while perusing Netflix, I noticed that Fantasia was available. I made a blase statement that we should watch it again. Again. Just to refresh my memory.

Well it began and after five minutes of not much really happening, my movie ADD kicked in and I defaulted back to Lilo and Stitch (oh God they must never take that movie down!). Anyways, I tried again a few days later, but my attempts were unsuccessful. So, as I prepared my Fun Fact for today, letting you all know the Fantasia is the longest running Disney movie of all time at 124 minutes (there it is!), I was getting ready to refer to my favorite part.

And this – this is when I realized that I didn’t have one.

embarrass wardrobe

So I put the movie on again and began scrolling through the scenes. Aside from Mickey Mouse and the brooms, I was lost. What was going on?!

At that moment, I made a promise to myself to watch the movie. Someday…



                                 The Diva’s Favorite Part.

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