POTC Ride changes at WDW. Thoughts?


I’m a bit out of touch when it comes to park restorations as I’m a good 1,500 miles away (wah!), but I heard that the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean ride was up for a refurbishment of some sort over the summer. Apparently, the updates are completed, and the Number 1 change that I keep reading about is the change to THE DROP!

According to the Theme Park Tourist, along with multiple Facebook groups that I follow, the drop has been smoother down to feel more gentle to riders.

drop potc

                            The 14-foot drop!

I’m not, by any means, a big thrill ride person. I actually have never been on Splash or Space Mountain (don’t shoot!), but that drop was always something that I anticipated.

So, I’m wondering if any one has been on the ride since it opened last week, if they noticed any changes, and even if you haven’t been on the ride lately, what are your thoughts on the drop?

Yo ho, yo ho…yo ho potc

4 thoughts on “POTC Ride changes at WDW. Thoughts?

  1. I love the drop but I don’t think my 90 year old grandma who comes on all our trips with us is as big of a fan. She was not happy the last time she went on pirates and got soaked right before lunch in an air conditioned restaurant.

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