Duffy Character Meet and Greet Leaving Epcot

Sad to see Duffy go. All this change, I have to get my head around it. But, Daisy Duck will finally make an appearance, so there’s the silver lining I suppose.

Disney News Today


The days of Duffy the Disney Bear greeting guests at Epcot according to Walt Disney World officials are numbered.

The last day of the Duffy character will have meet and greet at his World Showcase stop will be October 3rd.  Duffy will be replaced in that area by Daisy Duck, beginning on October 4th.

The change is part of Disney World’s regular review of its entertainment options, according to a Disney spokesperson. Duffy-related merchandise, including stuffed bears, will continue to be sold at various locations at Disney World, she said.

Duffy, who typically is decked out in sailor gear, was introduced to Epcot in October 2010 after being a hit with guests at Tokyo DisneySea. Duffy’s backstory: He was hand-sewn by Minnie Mouse as a gift to Mickey Mouse. He was designed to be Mickey’s companion during his travels.

When Duffy moved into Epcot, Disney said that the bear’s travel experience made him…

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