Goodbye, Summer!

As you may know, today is the last day of summer. An overlooked event at climately-charmed area, such as Orlando, Florida, I’m sure! (Or Anaheim, lest we forget the motherland)

figaro cuddlyBut up here in New England, the end of summer is a bittersweetreminder that we will soon be entering into the dark, cold, icy days of a long winter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m busing at the seams here in preparation for a wonderful autumn season, my favorite time of year, in fact.We do it right up here by honoring the mild days and chilly nights with extraordinary comforts. I’m talking cozy sweaters, warm apple cider, and relaxing stories by the fireplace. Autumn is magic in its own right!

So today, we say “So long” to the carefree, sunny and hot days of summer. This video is the perfect summer send off!

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