POTC Ride changes at WDW. Thoughts?


I’m a bit out of touch when it comes to park restorations as I’m a good 1,500 miles away (wah!), but I heard that the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean ride was up for a refurbishment of some sort over the summer. Apparently, the updates are completed, and the Number 1 change that I keep reading about is the change to THE DROP!

According to the Theme Park Tourist, along with multiple Facebook groups that I follow, the drop has been smoother down to feel more gentle to riders.

drop potc

                            The 14-foot drop!

I’m not, by any means, a big thrill ride person. I actually have never been on Splash or Space Mountain (don’t shoot!), but that drop was always something that I anticipated.

So, I’m wondering if any one has been on the ride since it opened last week, if they noticed any changes, and even if you haven’t been on the ride lately, what are your thoughts on the drop?

Yo ho, yo ho…yo ho potc

I’m Mr. Toad, that’s my name…

Gotta stop that before I face copyright infringement… sigh.

Any-who, one of the awesome benefits of being an Obsessive Enthusiastic Disney Movie Club member is the Disney Movies Anywhere feature. Lucky for me, I also have a little Nook Tablet that allows me to download my digital movies onto it and I can then watch the movies where I want too.

This comes in handy when I’m participating in my least favorite activity in the whole entire world. I’m talking about flying, people. Yikes! Not a fan, nope, nope, nope.

mr-toad3But for my grown-up job, I need to fly a good amount. This weekend was no different, sending me to beautiful Louisville, KY for the week. And here I sit, in my hotel room, preparing for the next few days of networking. Mmm…

I digress. One of the movies I downloaded was the classic movie package The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad . I thought that I had seen these before, but while I clutched onto my tablet for dear life, I realized that I was seeing it for the first time ever! This is a seriously rare occasion for me, as I have seen most Disney movies multi-times.

ichabod crane

While I enjoyed the short films, one thing I couldn’t quite wrap my head around was the pairing of these two stories. They really aren’t similar at all. What does one have to do with the other?

Modern Mouse Radio gives a really good breakdown as to the history behind “package movies”, and the importance of the timing of the films. It’s a very interesting read.

There was definitely something special about this movie. As I watched it from 5-miles in the air, I could feel that it had a more intricate background than I understood at the time.

So, is any one else a fan of this era of Disney films?


                                                               Good cosplay idea, anyone?… 🙂


Fun Fact Friday! #173

Did you know that Doritos were actually invented in Disneyland?

The Frito company ran a Mexican style restaurant in Disneyland on New Orleans Street called Casa de Fritos.


Apparently, the marketing executive had the idea to fry them up and serve them as chips. Doritos means “little golden things” in Spanish.

If my sources are correct, this is one interesting bit of snacking history, as well! You can check out the interesting story here!

Duffy Character Meet and Greet Leaving Epcot

Sad to see Duffy go. All this change, I have to get my head around it. But, Daisy Duck will finally make an appearance, so there’s the silver lining I suppose.

Disney News Today


The days of Duffy the Disney Bear greeting guests at Epcot according to Walt Disney World officials are numbered.

The last day of the Duffy character will have meet and greet at his World Showcase stop will be October 3rd.  Duffy will be replaced in that area by Daisy Duck, beginning on October 4th.

The change is part of Disney World’s regular review of its entertainment options, according to a Disney spokesperson. Duffy-related merchandise, including stuffed bears, will continue to be sold at various locations at Disney World, she said.

Duffy, who typically is decked out in sailor gear, was introduced to Epcot in October 2010 after being a hit with guests at Tokyo DisneySea. Duffy’s backstory: He was hand-sewn by Minnie Mouse as a gift to Mickey Mouse. He was designed to be Mickey’s companion during his travels.

When Duffy moved into Epcot, Disney said that the bear’s travel experience made him…

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“The Jungle Book” 2016 Trailer will give you GOOSEBUMPS!

I have watched this trailer at least 30 times since yesterday. Oh my gosh oh my gosh.

the jungle book 2016

It looks unreal. Fabulous! I’m barely able to type this post right now. Wait until the very last second. The whistling… it gave me chills! I don’t want to give away all the tiny surprises, so please watch it and let me know what you think. Also, pay attention to the narrative. Who is that woman’s voice? (I was blown away!!!)

I will say one thing. This is not your cheery, cuddly The Jungle Book that we grew up with. That may be the biggest understatement of the year! Enjoy! 🙂