Fun Fact Friday! #170

inside out pixxa

Gotta eat your greens! 

In the newest Pixar film, Inside Out, there is a cute scene where Riley’s father is trying to coerce his toddler into eating her broccoli. If she did not finish her broccoli, she would not get dessert.

We’ve probably all received these threats from our parents, and while the threat of broccoli never struck a chord with me (I like it!), I believe the general consensus for children is that broccoli is yucky. That is, for American children, at least.

While the world may be shrinking by way of technology and the internet, there are still plenty of cultural norms that always intrigue me.

For instance, while the American release of Inside Out included the hated broccoli, on the other side of the globe in Japan, eating broccoli would not appear to be anything to crinkle your nose at. Apparently, the kids over there are more disgusted with a different vegetable. Green peppers.

inside out broccoli pepper

The animators had to make this change so that the story would apply to its audience in Japan. Keeping all those culture facts in mind must be a tough job, but it is necessary to give the movie an authentic feel.

For me, I’ve been fortunate to never meet a vegetable I didn’t like, except for peas. Oh, please, don’t get me started on the peas! Yuck.

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