Not My Favorite Post

I love writing this blog. I’ve been doing it for a while, and it has become like a form of therapy. But, for the past couple of weeks, I have not been able to sit down and create cute, happy posts, because I was in the middle of a very difficult time. My amazing grandfather was ill and in the hospital. He tried so hard to pull through, and was looking forward to doing so many things still, but unfortunately he passed on July 31st at the age of eighty-five.

My world has been darker, and it’s been difficult for me to really accomplish anything. There are so many things around that remind me of him. I keep wanting to talk to him.

My grandfather was always very proud of me. No matter what I did, he was supportive. I can’t believe I never realized how extraordinary he was until it was too late. He took the time to make every single person he met feel special. He was always laughing, always happy, and always telling stories. He loved every single day that he was alive. His lessons will stay with me. Hopefully I can try and honor him in that way, by taking what he taught me and apply it.

Papa with Mickey

That’s why this is not my favorite post. I couldn’t just come back without mentioning him, because that felt like I was trying to brush him aside. But I know that it’s important to get back to living, and so I’m starting to pick up the pieces today.

While I was going through pictures of him with my family last week, I came across this one. It’s a little blurry and probably 20 years old, but it’s appropriate for here.

For now, I’m going to allow myself to mourn at my own time. I already feel better just by writing it down and sharing his memory with all of you.

I never took the time to tell him about my blog, and I wish I had. I know he would have thought it was so cool, because he was interested in anything I did. But I won’t focus on those regrets. I will be thankful that I was able to have him in my life as long as I did.

Rest easy, Papa. xoxo

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10 thoughts on “Not My Favorite Post

    • Thank you very much. Getting back in the groove of things should help. Sometimes it feels like the world just kept moving forward, and I am playing catch up. But I’m looking forward to the distraction, honestly. 🙂

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I have been through the same thing & can empathize with you. You are his living legacy & I am sure that he is very proud that you are his granddaughter. He will live on through you. Prayers for your family.

  2. I’m so sorry! Loosing someone is very hard. Especially if it is someone who you are very close to and care a lot about. I hope you feel better soon and remember the great times you had with him.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather’s recent passing. When I lost my maternal grandfather I also went through a dark period lie you are now going through and remember losing my passion for writing for a spell. Eventually it DID come back but not without a bit of a change in that I found his memory popping into my head when I sat down to write. It seemed to me as though he was letting me know that he knew about my writing again and was happy about. And I love the picture of your grandfather with Mickeyy.

  4. So very sorry to read about your loss. Hoping that some day soon all the memories of your grandfather will bring a smile to your face and not sadness in your heart.

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