D23 Highlights; I Want I Want I Want


There are so many great videos from this years D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, which made it difficult for me to showcase just one. So it feels safe to say that a “highlights” video was the best idea!

While watching this video, I was getting super emotional. There are a TON of amazing movies coming up from Disney/Pixar and I am literally having trouble sitting still long enough to write this post. I just want to run around and scream and jump up and down!

I decided as I replayed the video for the 10th (ish) time, that I would start saving my money right now and make it out to the D23 2016 Expo. After seeing all the amazing people that attend, the costumes, celebrities, and celebration, why wouldn’t I go next summer? Heck, why didn’t I go this summer? And then, the video rounded the end and I heard the biggest bummer statement of all time. My captain, John Lasseter, annoucning that he would see us all “in two years”…

KUZCO cry emporers new groove

NOOooO! I can’t wait that long. It’s hard enough having to wait for Thanksgiving to see The Good Dinosaur. Two years?! Yikes… Well, I’m going to have to wait. On the bright side, two years of saving should make for an awesome experience.

alice cry wonderland

So. Have any of you ever attended this fabulous event? Please tell me – tell me everything! I’m a complete n00b when it comes to this.


Fun Fact Friday! #171

I only watched Oz: Great and Powerful one time, and while the movie didn’t move me in any way, it might be one of those instances where a second watch is needed. Anyways, on the the Disney fact for this week.


James Franco, who plays Oscar Diggs (aka Oz), had to learn magic tricks in order to accurately portray his small-time, circus magician character. He arrived to the Oz set two weeks early so he could work with Las Vegas magician Lance Burton. Working every day, Franco learned tricks involving doves and fire, as well as how to pull objects out of hats and how to make things levitate.


NEW Indigo Home Décor Collection!

This is ideal for the lover of blues, whites, and yellows! One of my best friends mother redecorated her kitchen with bold blue accents alongside white cabinets and it was stunning. This collection made me think of her. Although, I’m not sure if she would want Mickey Mouse silhouette’s on everything!

But this is a Disney blog, so decorated a kitchen with Mickey accents is totally acceptable! 😉

Check out the new collection, and see some of my favorite pieces below:

indigo tumbler

indigo vaseindigo throw rug

Behind-the-Scenes with the Inside Out Cast!

inside out cast

One of my favorite things is watching voice actors as they perform their lines. It’s sooo cool! This is a two-part video. Part 1 is a great video of the cats of Pixar’s newest film, Inside Out, acting out their emotional lines. Director Pete Docter is there with them to help. Lewis Black is amazing, btw! Part 2 focuses on the animators world of sketches, models, and computer animation. Enjoy 🙂



Good Call for Pudge the Fish

One of the benefits of owning every Disney DVD imaginable (eh hem) is that they come loaded with extra bonuses. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they’ll toss in some deleted scenes. There have been times where after seeing the deleted scene, I’ll wonder why they ever took it out.

Usually, a scene is omitted due to time or the animators felt that the scene lent nothing extra to the movie. I can appreciate that, although I would never complain that a Disney movie is too long. Once that movies over, it’s back to reality for this adult. :/


But I have to say, there is always an exception to the rule, and boy – am I glad that they took this horrific scene out of one of my favorite movies, Lilo and Stitch.

In this scene, Lilo introduces Stitch to her “other best friend”, Pudge the Fish. Stitch then goes on the kill Pudge, and directly after, the dying Pudge and Lilo are Stitch-Laughing-Diabolically-In-Lilo-and-Stitch-Gifattacked by seagulls while a sadistic looking Stitch sits back and watches. It’s absolutely terrifying!

The scene makes Stitch appear to be the most heartless little monster. Honestly, if this scene had stayed in the movie, I believe it would have made it very tough for the audience to like him afterwards.

My interest was peaked, but I will warn you, it’s not very nice. Not nice at all!


Let’s go back to the Stitch we all know and love.

stitch nani

It’s OK, Stitch. Luckily for you, you are animated, so we can all act like this scene never happened, because truthfully, it didn’t.

We still love you!