Throw Back Thursday: Man of the House!

man of the house

Being a 90’s kid, this movie was pretty amazing and an important part of my tween years. My bedroom walls were one massive collage of JTT and yes, I have seen every Home Improvement episode!

To my delight, one of my all time favorite Jonathan Taylor Thomas movies, Man of the House, is available for FREE with my new cable company. I used to obsess over the loft apartment that Ben (JTT) lived in with his mother, Sandy (Farrah Fawcett), and was especially jealous of their cool rooftop play area.


I watched the movie again this past week, and discovered an interesting shift in my sympathies. While as a kid watching the movie, I was always rooting for Ben and hoping that he would succeed in kicking Jack (Chevy Chase) to the curb.

man of the house2

But now, watching it as an adult almost in her 30’s, I found Ben to be an adorable, yet obnoxious, little punk. I definitely thought to myself a couple of times during the movie, “Wow, this kid has no idea of the stresses that Jack is going through right now.” HA! 🙂

The movie is still a good one, and it’s interesting to see how the perspective can shift depending on your age. Crazy! If you get the chance to watch it again, pay attention to who you are rooting for now, and let me know if your sympathies have changed like mine did!


Easter Egg Alert: Notice that in one scene where Jack is learning the rain dance with the other Indian Guides, Ben is sitting under a tree and not participating at all. He is holding what looks like a playbook, and the advertisement on the back is for The Lion King.  JTT voiced the young Simba in The Lion King, which premiered a year earlier than Man of the House. Just call me Detective Diva from now on. 😉

jtt lion king

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