Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

the good dinosaur

I’ve been divulging a good deal of my free time following Chris Pratt [*drool*] on his publicity tour for the upcoming blockbuster Jurassic World, so naturally this is reminiscent of my childhood days of the Jurassic Park sagas. Growing up, I was treated to a healthy movie combination of a lot of Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones, so I was pretty convinced that adulthood mainly consisted of playing in the dirt and searching for old artifacts and bones. Or, at least, that’s what the cool adults did. I was pretty positive that my future would follow suit.

jeff goldblum

Well that didn’t happen, mainly because I despise getting dirty and enjoy the convenience of working in a building with AC and a ladies room! 🙂

The promise of a new dinosaur surge is almost certain, and Pixar has perfectly joined in on the trending theme. They have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, The Good Dinosaur, and while we don’t have much information, we do get a good sense of some factors to the film. But I don’t want to give it away, so check out the trailer below!

4 thoughts on “Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

    • I always love having a celebrity crush, makes my life more interesting! 🙂 I do think he’s hilarious but I’m excited to see him in a more serious role. And yes I’m thrilled to finally have a glimpse into this movie! So much happiness!

  1. I can’t wait for it and ‘Inside Out’. It’s been so long since ‘Monsters University’, which was a bit disappointing… 😦 But the dinosaur’s trailer looks amazing!

    • I enjoyed Monsters University, but it isn’t a movie I gravitate to when I’m in a Pixar mood (which is most days). But I’ve seen Monsters Inc. numerous times and never get tired of it!

      After seeing this trailer all I can think is… and now, we wait. Lol

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