Which Menacing Disney Duo are You and Your BFF?

I love this quiz from Disney Fanatic (great site too, if you haven’t ventured over there yet, I highly recommend them!). It made me laugh, especially my results. My BFF and I are not menacing or scary at all – and it totally shows! Here are our results:

pain and panic

You and your bestie are like Pain and Panic from Hercules. You are utterly hilarious when you’re together and only get into mild trouble here and there. What’s important is that you are there for each other no matter what!

Take the quiz and let me know your results!

Special Memorial Day

Memorial-Day-at-Disney-2Memorial Day is a time set aside to remember those who have served our country for our protection and integrity. While we traditionally celebrate this day with Good Old-America Barbeque (love it!), it’s also important to set aside some time to really reflect on those whose sacrifice means they will not be able to celebrate with us any longer.

A co-worker of mine always takes the Memorial Day morning to drive to the cemetery and pay her respects to comrades of her father’s that have passed after serving.

My town, along with maybe five other adjoining towns, take the time to painstakingly hand-write every individual who has lost their life in the service from the previous year. They post these posters every 10′ on either side of a major route, attaching the departed’s home-flag to their temporary plaque along with their name, ranking, and age. That always gets me.

I am fortunate enough to have my Grandfather around still. He just turned 85, and served during the Korean War. He spent a great deal of time away from his new wife, and has some interesting stories that he loves to share with us. It’s wonderful, really, even though I have heard some of these stories more than a dozen times. It doesn’t matter to me!

So enjoy today! I’ll be reflecting on my drive down that road, thankful to be part of this country.

Happy Memorial Day!!

donald mickey goofy memorial day


More Info on Moana!

moana pic

After hearing about the newest Disney Princess movie, Moana, months ago, all mention of her seemed to disappear. Disney has certainly been keeping quiet on details regarding the newest member to the family, but recently they gave us a small – albeit taunting – look into the Moana movie, due to be released November 23, 2016. After reading this short description, I am LITERALLY geeking out of my mind right now! I should mention that this Diva is an Islander-decent, so I am uber-stoked that Moana can represent my heritage AND at the same time, sounds truly bad-ass. Are you ready for this?!

Three thousand years ago, the greatest sailors in the world voyaged across the vast South Pacific, discovering the many islands of Oceania. But then, for a millennium, their voyages stopped — and no one today knows why.

From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes ‘Moana,’ a sweeping, CG-animated adventure about a spirited teenager who sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and fulfill her ancestors’ unfinished quest. During her journey, she meets the once-mighty demi-god Maui (voice of Dwayne Johnson), and together, they traverse the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous fiery creatures and impossible odds.

Pretty freaking awesome, right? I’ve already marked my calendar for this film – no kidding, I’m taking the day off! Oh, I’m so excited, this should be fantastic! Is this countdown worthy? It just might be, what do you think?

Moana... coming soon!

Moana… coming soon!


Friday Fun Fact #166 is my 500th post!

cinderllas castle

Woo hoo! Post 500!! Thanks for being a part of my blog. It’s absolutely my favorite hobby, hands down, and I’m so glad you all are a part of it! 🙂

I thought it would be appropriate that this weeks “fact” be about the Disney Diva herself, in celebration of this milestone.

Fact: I have always felt a connection with Walt Disney. His ingenious creativity and determination to stick to his own path are truly inspiring, and I often wonder how the world would get along if he has not been so persistent in bringing his vision to life. While I never had a chance to meet him, from a young age I was intrigued by his life. So whenever I find a small connection to myself and him or the company, I get a little sentimental.

Maybe it’s silly, but I like to think it’s a little more than a strange coincidence that they day the Disney company was founded just so happens to be on my birthday! With a few years apart, of course 🙂

tumblr_mtekwxDqvd1s2wio8o1_400That’s right. Founded on October 16, 1923, by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, the company soon established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live-action film production, television, and theme parks.

When I learned that, I literally squealed in delight. It’s such a great piece of information that I keep close to my heart and remind myself when I’m feeling a little down. I’m glad I saved it for this moment!

Now, it’s time to celebrate! 

charlotte yay

 crocodile la la la

 groot dancing hercules pegasus high five

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