Fun Fact Friday! #163

Ah, Frozen. I fear to mention this movie on my blog until the hype had leveled out. Hopefully, my timing is good. 🙂

Frozen has undoubtedly become one of the most popular Disney movies of all time, and has broken its fair share of records.

  1. It is the highest-earning animated movie ever.
  2. It is the fastest selling home entertainment release ever.
  3. Its soundtrack is the first to sell a million copies in 2014. Source

Weee ruuuulllee!

Regardless of your feelings about the movie or not, it’s hard to dispute that it has an amazing amount of accolades. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy the movie to this day! For those of you who are not impressed with the record breaking facts above, let me give you a more interesting fact geared towards the Disney movie world of facts (AKA my favorite kind).

Believe it not, but after so many movies and so many songs, Frozen supplied us with the first ever duet sung between a Princess and a Villain. That’s right! The song “Love is an Open Door” not only provided us with a million adorable daddy-daughter duos on YouTube, but it entered a new realm of heroine and villain relationships.

Not so fast, Anna!

Not so fast, Anna!

I think it’s really cool that Disney has been involving the Princes in the movies more than usual. Even if some of them are meany heads. :p


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