Aladdin: The Life Coach

I love Aladdin. The whole entire movie, everything about it. And I’ve complained here before that I’m super bummer that I don’t have it on DVD. I know – I could buy it, but I’m waiting for it tocome out of the vault. That way, it will be added to my Disney Movies Anywhere account and I can watch it… well, anywhere! Plus, I’m a strong believer in waiting for the good stuff, especially nowadays when things are so easily obtained. And so, I wait.

But I do obsess over the film every once in a while, and as I do, I scavenge online for some interesting perspective. And I just so happened to stumble upon this wonderful nugget of awesomeness. It’s 10 Life Lessons from Aladdin. Source 

Who knew this movie could be so deep. But what got me thinking about some real important decisions was this small little quote from the movie:

aladdin jasmine

I don’t know the answer to that one. And that sort of makes me… sad. Hm. Before we kick off the week, it might be a good time to seek out a different perspective. I think an inner reevaluation is necessary every once in a while, don’t you?

5 thoughts on “Aladdin: The Life Coach

  1. Well, I am gonna assume you’re from the US, and if so, fret not, because Aladdin is going to get re-released this October as part of the Diamond Edition line. I’m not sure if you have heard the news already. There is also some rumor on the Disney Wiki that the 3D version of Aladdin is receiving limited screenings this September before the Diamond release; I am not very sure about the reliability of the Disney Wiki though.

    Aladdin is hands down my favorite. You could go to NYC to see the Broadway version meanwhile; it is awesome! I have several posts (most of them very long) about Aladdin, and a new one will be coming up soon, so do check out! Thanks for sharing the 10 lessons from Aladdin, I enjoyed reading it.

    • Awesome news!! I actually just watched “Into the Woods” yesterday, and before the movie began, they had a trailer for the release of Aladdin. I was very, very excited!

      I was fortunate enough to see the Aladdin play put on at Disneyland twice, and it was unbelievable. I am from the US (good guess!), and close enough to NY to see the Broadway show… but alas, the price for just one ticket was way too much for this diva. I am patiently waiting for the tour, which hopefully takes off around the fall as well. Double Aladdin time!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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