Gargoyles: Could the Rumors be True?

Guys, guys… the 90’s kid in me is totally freaking out right now. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but now I’ve seen multiple reports of a live-action Gargoyles movie coming out in 2017.


gargyles movie

This excerpt was taken from Crave Online’s article. You can read the full article here.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was asked hypothesize about what he would do with various Disney properties if they gave him control over anything he wanted. His response: “I don’t need to hypothesize about what I would do with various Disney properties if they gave me control over anything I wanted: it’s happening, its coming in 2017, and it rhymes with shmargoyles.

“Although Marvel Studios will be producing the Gargoyles movie, we’re not seriously considering connecting the franchise with the Marvel Cinematic Universe… yet,” Kevin Feige elaborated. “But the good news is we have tons of actors under multiple film contracts, and we could literally throw them into any movie if we wanted to. Robert Downey Jr. would make a great Xanatos, and we may force him to play Brooklyn as well, because why the hell not? People love that dude. What day is it again? I have stuff to do.”

Of course, my vote for RDJ is as such:

Xanatos     YES

Brooklyn    HECK NO!

Fingers crossed that this movie is as epic as it deserves to be, and doesn’t end up in the “disappointment” category alongside Dragonball Evolution *frown*.



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