Pirates of the Caribbean – Five Too Many?

jack sparrow

Production began a few weeks ago in Australia on the fifth installment of the Pirates series. So I ask myself, if five too many? Honestly I have not watched the fourth movie all the way through, because I was previously irked by the third and came into it a bit jaded. The first movie was perfect; great story, beautiful scenes, awesome characters…

And the second movie was good, too, as good as a sequel can be. The ending was great, and learning that Captain Barbossa wasn’t gone made me look forward to a third – even though I felt that they may be milking it already. 

barbossa apple

Yay he’s alive!


So now we’ve somehow ended up at number five, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Am I going to see it? Can it be any good? Is this finally it? Or are we building a saga here?

The movie was roughly based off of the attraction at Disney World, so the story has no set ending, understandably. But does that mean that Disney should keep it going? I don’t know how I feel, but I think venting about it is helpful. I probably will see it, I’m pretty committed anyways. Committed, but not excited, which I don’t believe is the goal when making films…

What do you think?

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