Fun Fact Friday! #157

I’ve been in such a “Pixar” mood lately, and I believe that when the urge to schedule your weekend around a Pixar marathon arises, you must take heed and entertain your inner calling. I think I’ll kick off the weekend with Toy Story (obviously).

Toy Story is such a great movie, I wouldn’t change anything about it. Truly! I believe the animators thought of everything, and made the right choices. Including the title of the film. Oh, yes, there were some rather odd ideas floating around as to what the movie should be titled. Some of those included; The New Toy, The Cowboy & The Spaceman, and The Favorite.

But the ultimate in awful title ideas has got to be, hands down, Toyz in the Hood. A passionate blogger was so kind as to create an example of what the movie poster might have looked like.

toyz n da hood

Frightening, isn’t it?

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