So long to the Sorcerer’s Hat.


ariel sadYesterday marked the beginning of the end for the iconic Sorcerer’s Hat, famously located at Hollywood Studios. The Hat has been a part of the park since 2001. It’s speculated to have been built due to copyright issues in respect to Grumman’s Chinese theater. I’m not sure what will be going in its place, but I do know that the news of this flooded the Disney-waves and yesterday was a sad day for most.

But I’m not so sure that I really care about losing the Sorcerer’s Hat. While I understand it’s iconic, it isn’t Cinderella’s-Castle-Iconic. That would be a big issue. The Hat is really a large pin trading store, used for the backdrops of millions of photo-ops, I understand, but it doesn’t feel like a big loss. Perhaps if I went there more often, I would be joining those who are mourning the loss during this construction.

I was recently at WDW back in September, so I did get to see the hat one last time. Had I know at the time that the plans were to remove it, I may have taken some more pictures of it, or gone inside the store at least! Oh well. Hopefully they replace the Hat with something super cool. Hollywood Studios is a lot of fun, but it’s definitely due for some new material.

What do you think? Will you miss the Sorcerer’s Hat? What would you like to see it replaced with?

So long, fair Hat! It’s been fun! ❤



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