Transformation; Perfect Timing?

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Mine was good and bad all at once. While I was able to be with my immediate family, a crucial member of my extended family has been suffering from some serious medical issues. And unfortunately, the body doesn’t care if it’s a holiday or not. :/

But we’ll get through it all, as long as we are together. I noticed this year, in particular, that I approached Christmas with a slightly different mindset. I slowed down and really tried to cherish every moment that I had with my family. Usually I find it hard to sit still and want to keep myself occupied, but this shift in priorities has influenced my strongly and I’m still trying to sort out the emotions attached to it. Perfect for the New Year, isn’t it?


I found this song to be perfectly encapsulate how I have been feeling. This always gets me teary-eyed, but I feel all right admitting it because I did read through some of the comments and wouldn’t you know it, tons of others relate. It’s a very powerful song, please give it a listen.

I think I will try and carry this Transformation with me into 2015. Have a safe and fun New Year, I’ll be back with more Disney-ness for you all! 🙂

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