*I promise there are no spoilers!*

Let me start off by saying that I had always enjoyed super hero movies when I was a kid. I loved the Power Rangers, TMNT, and X-Men. When the new round of Batman movies came out, I was ecstatic, and saw them all multiple times. And I loved the Iron Man movies, which merged into The Avengers… which is where my enthusiasm began to descend.

I feel that lately the super hero movies are lacking something. I can’t stand the Iron Man sequels, did not enjoy the first Avengers movie, or any of the spin-offs they inspired (sorry, Captain America, but I wish you would stop).

So I admittedly was hesitant to go see the new Disney movie, Big Hero 6, for fear that it would follow the same mediocre production as its predecessors. Luckily for me, I was very, very wrong.

hiro yes

First off, this movie has a wonderful characters of mostly the brainy scientist types, a group that has long been stereotyped in movies and never truly allowed to evolve into anything more, until now. Boy genius Hiro is a incredibly intelligent, but he’s also really cool and sort of edgy. He doesn’t don the nerdy glasses/braces/pocket protector, or talk with some sort of speech impediment, as per most “nerdy” characters. He’s rather fearless and very likable. His closeness to his brother, Tadashi, feels real and genuine, and you are instantly taken by their relationship.Even the smaller roles have an authenticity to them.

The brother’s Aunt Cass (voiced by the fabulous Maya Rudolph) is super cool and trendy, and while you get the idea that she doesn’t really know how to raise two boys, you also understand that she cherishes them and has great memories of time spent with them, probably while cooking!


The group that Hiro matches himself up with all bring something special. My only complaint is that we don’t get to know the group much, save for one member whose background is pretty interesting (stay after the credits to understand why!). But the way they got together is sufficient enough for the viewer to feel a comradery with Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Gogo, and Fred.

And of course, there’s Baymax. Truly a unique robot – I mean who’s ever seen such a plushy, squishy robot before? He isn’t a fighter, he doesn’t have laser vision, he can’t even fly. He was built to care for humans and his dedication to Hiro is as heartwarming as the love shared between the more tradition “boy and his dog”. Baymax rocks!


Second, the story is full of heart. You will laugh out loud at some of the situations sweet Baymax and Hiro get into. The emotions, the struggles, the low points, and the triumphs are all felt very strongly because of the perfect character development. The viewer will feel that passion from the creators while they watch the movie. It’s impossible not too.

baymax cat

When venturing through San Fransokyo, notice all of the unbelievable attention to detail places through every alleyway. And my fellow anime fans are sure to feel the Hayao Miyazaki influence as the team rushes through the cities highways. Part of the story is told simply through the back drop. It’s wonderful!

san fran1 san fran3 san fran4

And most importantly, it’s totally unique. This is not a superhero movie. It’s totally different. I love the fact that the “nerds” are getting their day, and in a completely kick-ass way ta-boot!

Go see this movie. Leave your preconceived ideas at the door, because I promise that this movie is full of surprises, and has something for everyone. Let me know what you think!

Do Not Disturb

stitch sleep

Sorry folks, no Friday Facts today. I went out Black Friday shopping and now, it’s time for me to crawl into bed as the sun rises to wake the sane people who slept of their meals.

By the way, the Disney Store is having an incredible sale in stores and online, with over 1,000 items marked 40% off. Check out their Magical Friday Sale here.

What am I wishing for this Christmas? Why, a humongous Stitch plush doll, of course! I’ll try and resist buying myself a gift for now.




Happy Thanksgiving!


I truly hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, shared with family and friends, a good food! I’m thankful to you all who read my blog, share in my obsession, and offer me great conversation and insight! I found a video that I think you all will like. It’s a cute, funny little video in honor of Thanksgiving – and it’s Disney themed, of course. Is there any other way? Enjoy!

Safe Travels!

Ah, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I always find it complicated to stay focused for a full 8 hours at work when I have visions of cranberries and pumpkin pie dancing through my head. I’ll have to find a good excuse to get out of work early and start the celebrating.

work excuse

While I work on that, here’s a quick message from Officer Chipmunk about how to stay safe while travelling (or cooking!) this Thanksgiving. For those of you who do not speak any of the woodland animal languages, Kronk is here to translate.


<<That’s not helpful at all.>>

Celebrate Ferdinand!

On this day in 1938, Ferdinand the Bull was released. What makes this short mean so much to me is that my grandfather is also a Ferdinand, and they have almost the same temperament. Although Ferdinand the Bull is a large guy, while my grandfather was also smaller, they share the same laid-back personality, always are full of wonder, and definitely not a “tough guy”.

ferdinand the bull

Not very threatening, is he?

If you’ve never seen the cartoon short, do yourself a favor and check it out! These old cartoons are so charming and nostalgic. I wish they made more like this!


Happy 86th Birthday, Mickey Mouse!


That’s right, 86 years ago Mickey Mouse made his debut in the cartoon “Steamboat Willie”. No fifteen minutes of fame for this guy!


Things have certainly changed a lot since his debut. Not only has HE changed (there are some creepier toy versions of him in the beginning), but the way we watch him has changed, too. I’ve only just yesterday downloaded my #DisneyMoviesAnywhere App – now that it is available for Android users. And it’s amazing!

I was able to watch an old Disney cartoon on my phone while waiting for a meeting to start. Unbelievable! If you are a Disney Movie Rewards Member, I highly recommend you check this new feature out.

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse, from this Diva and all the millions of fans you have gained across the globe. We love you! ❤