What’s this? No, really, what IS this?

I have seen The Nightmare Before Christmas so many times, that I can recite the scenes without any prompting. Yes, it’s one of my favorites. While I don’t usually connect this movie with Disney, because it’s a seasonal movie to me, I have to admit that every time I watch it, I become overwhelmed with happy memories. Movies are magical that way.


The movie has some pretty amazing songs, and a very familiar feeling to it, I believe. It’s as if we can go to Halloween-town, and visit Jack, Sally, and the rest.


But we have never been the Halloweentown, so where does that familiarity come from? That feeling of “I’ve seen you before?” Maybe we have to work backwards, but take a look at this image I stumbled upon recently.


Maybe the familiar feeling wasn’t there initially, they first few times I watch TNBC. Maybe, though, as the following movies were released, that whole-picture started to form and fill in the blanks. So, what do you think? Is our favorite Jack Skellington really the little boy, Victor? He does show similiar mad-scientist-like qualities in the movie Frankenweenie when trying to bring his beloved dog, Sparky (Zero?) back from the dead.

We get to see Victor grown up, in the movie Corpse Bride. When he crosses over to the other side, who does Victor see? His dog, Scraps. Scraps… Sparky… Zero? Are they the same dog? Is this the same boy?!

What do you think?

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