George the Ghost is at it Again!

I cannot believe that I am just learning about this! A true ghost story, at Walt Disney World, one on of my Top Ten favorite rides (shameless plug for my next Top Ten category!).

Yes, it’s true, my love of a good ghost story nearly rivals my Disney obsession. While I was browsing through my Tweets the other day, I noticed a fair amount of concerned park-goers had been evacuated from the Pirate of the Caribbean ride. “Why?”, they all asked, “Does anyone know?”

And then – I found the answer. It’s because of George the Ghost!

ghost gif

This intriguing urban legend has some flaws for “facts”, as most urban legends do. But the story is roughly this: While working construction on the nearly completed attraction (which opened in 1973), there was a welder named George who died. His death could have come from a fatal fall off the burning city, or h was crushed to death by a beam. Either way, the story is that his spirit is stuck in the POTC attraction.

See the face in the mist? Could it be George?

See the face in the mist? Could it be George?

Cast Members are in the habit of saying good morning and good night to George every day. It’s said that if he is not greeted by the CM’s, or if a rider on the attraction proudly boasts that they do not believe in George, his spirit will stop the ride from working. Whoa!



So in response to yesterdays evacuation, I have to ask myself this: Did a CM neglect their greeting of dear old George? Or was it, more likely, that a curious fanatic, in the midst of the Halloween spirit, challenged the restless apparition for a bit of mischief?

I’m not sure, but I know one thing. Next time I visit, I’ll be sure to say “Good Day!” to George myself, just to be safe. 🙂

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