Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 3

Day 3: Celebrating Pixar Dogs!

I find there is little to critique about Pixar films, and the way they animate their array of dogs just proves my point. Dogs are like people, with a multitude of different personalities, likes and dislikes, interests, and especially quirks. They are animated animals unto themselves, so seeing them interpreted on-screen always fascinates me. The advantage of animation is that there are no rules, and so these dogs are able to do things we only wish they could do in real like. Time and time again, Pixar highlights the qualities that dogs possess that make us love them so much!

Dogs can be very helpful;


Dogs can be very tough;


They can be your best – or worst – friend, sometimes it just depends on where you sit!

slinky fall

They can be followers or leaders,

up dogs

They can be young or young-at-heart,


But all in all, dogs are the most loyal companions you could ever ask for. And since they can’t say it for themselves, Dug will be happy to speak on the dog community’s behalf.


Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 2

Day 2: Celebrating Disney’s Fancy Dogs!

Some Disney pups are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Take, for example, this guy:


Percy from Pocahontas

Is Percy not the epitome of fancy? The feathered hat, the gold-trimmed pillow, and that wave! So regal, so posh, don’t you agree? While Percy was raised in the proper English form, his visit to the New World pushed the dapper doggie into unknown territory, where he met up with some more rambunctious animals, like Meeko for instance. This clash of worlds will take the edge off Percy and with the help from his new friends, he begins to open his mind to other things, even if they aren’t brought to him on a silver platter!

georgette gif ugly

Georgette from Oliver & Company

Have you listened to her song? Have you seen her fancy hair and gold necklace? Georgette is truly a fancy dog. Actually, she takes it to the next level! This girl is spoiled and jealous of any one possibly having more than she has. Her own designated bedroom apparently isn’t enough for this fabulous lady. While she does soften up after the Oliver adventure, the air about her never goes away. Perfect isn’t easy… but it’s me – oh, come on!


Jock and Trusty from “Lady and the Tramp”

Okay, now I know some people might be wondering why these two fall under Fancy dogs. Well, I was thinking of my definition of fancy, and it does tend to correlate with “rich”. Jock and Trusty do live in a affluent neighborhood, and by the looks of the patios they reside on, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have eaten more expensive food then I have! Can’t you just imagine Jock sitting down to a meal of caviar while Trusty explains the history of rich French food? I can. And while they are without the overtly snobby attitudes such as Percy and Georgette, Jock and Trusty do turn their noses up at the sight of the ragamuffin Tramp. Yeah, they’ve got a little snob in them after all!

Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 1

Day 1: Celebrating Disney’s Bad Ass Dogs!


If someone told me that they never once in their life dreamed of owning a pet that had super powers, I would call their bluff right on the spot! Bolt is one badass dog; with his earth shattering super bark, laser vision and unmatched strength, you’d be a fool to cross him. Well, at least he thinks so, until he is giving a pretty tough life lesson. But regardless, Bolt never gives up and is a force to be reckoned with!

Way to ruin my point!

Way to ruin my point!

Another badass contender needed to be mentioned. And it’s none other than…



I know, I know, he’s not really a dog. But Stitch needed to be mentioned in my Week of Disney Dogs Tribute, because the story of Lilo and Stitch reminds me so much to my own beginning with my dog, Anabelle. The uncertainty of each other that Lilo and Stitch have when they meet, and the moments that lead up to forming an unbreakable bond, compare so well with my experience in becoming a “pet parent” to my own wonderful – but at times, emotionally draining and stressful – little girl.

Do I need to explain why Stitch is a badass? How about instead, you watch this deleted scene from the Lilo and Stitch movie, complete with sketches and a new depth to the menace Stitch really was.





Diva’s Return!

Hello to everyone! I have been away from my blog for far too long, but I had a lose in my life that affected everything. I’m sad to say that I lost a beloved pet 3 weeks back. The weeks leading up to his passing were especially difficult, and I took a break from my blog and other parts of my life to mourn and heal. I found it hard to celebrate magic every day when I felt like a piece of my heart was missing.

There is still a great sadness, of course, but when I watched the “Frozen: Making a Classic” special that was on the other night, I felt something revive itself in me. I missed my Disney escape, and now I feel that it is time to come back to it.


Love my boy forever ❤

In honor of my beloved dog, Oliver, who was such a huge part of my life for almost a decade, I will be dedicating this week to the best of Disney Dogs! I think he would have liked that. 🙂