Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 5

Day 5: Celebrating Puppy Love

…And they call it, Puppy Love. Or, as in the classic (yet, nearly deleted!) scene, Bella Notte 🙂

Lady and Tramp spaghetti

The classic poor-guy-rich-girl-meet-and-fall-in-love plot line couldn’t be cuter. The furry couple are responsible for thrusting a moonlit spaghetti dinner into the #1 most romantic evening spot! Okay, that might be going a little too far, but if you haven’t seen the beautiful scene in a while, take a look and be reminded as to why this moment is so iconic!

And let’s not forget these two spotted dogs!


Thanks to the persistent Pongo, a small family was formed to include his love, Perdita, and their humans, Roger and Anita. We all know that the family of four grew much larger after a thrilling expedition to save their beloved pups.

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