Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 3

Day 3: Celebrating Pixar Dogs!

I find there is little to critique about Pixar films, and the way they animate their array of dogs just proves my point. Dogs are like people, with a multitude of different personalities, likes and dislikes, interests, and especially quirks. They are animated animals unto themselves, so seeing them interpreted on-screen always fascinates me. The advantage of animation is that there are no rules, and so these dogs are able to do things we only wish they could do in real like. Time and time again, Pixar highlights the qualities that dogs possess that make us love them so much!

Dogs can be very helpful;


Dogs can be very tough;


They can be your best – or worst – friend, sometimes it just depends on where you sit!

slinky fall

They can be followers or leaders,

up dogs

They can be young or young-at-heart,


But all in all, dogs are the most loyal companions you could ever ask for. And since they can’t say it for themselves, Dug will be happy to speak on the dog community’s behalf.


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