Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 2

Day 2: Celebrating Disney’s Fancy Dogs!

Some Disney pups are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Take, for example, this guy:


Percy from Pocahontas

Is Percy not the epitome of fancy? The feathered hat, the gold-trimmed pillow, and that wave! So regal, so posh, don’t you agree? While Percy was raised in the proper English form, his visit to the New World pushed the dapper doggie into unknown territory, where he met up with some more rambunctious animals, like Meeko for instance. This clash of worlds will take the edge off Percy and with the help from his new friends, he begins to open his mind to other things, even if they aren’t brought to him on a silver platter!

georgette gif ugly

Georgette from Oliver & Company

Have you listened to her song? Have you seen her fancy hair and gold necklace? Georgette is truly a fancy dog. Actually, she takes it to the next level! This girl is spoiled and jealous of any one possibly having more than she has. Her own designated bedroom apparently isn’t enough for this fabulous lady. While she does soften up after the Oliver adventure, the air about her never goes away. Perfect isn’t easy… but it’s me – oh, come on!


Jock and Trusty from “Lady and the Tramp”

Okay, now I know some people might be wondering why these two fall under Fancy dogs. Well, I was thinking of my definition of fancy, and it does tend to correlate with “rich”. Jock and Trusty do live in a affluent neighborhood, and by the looks of the patios they reside on, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have eaten more expensive food then I have! Can’t you just imagine Jock sitting down to a meal of caviar while Trusty explains the history of rich French food? I can. And while they are without the overtly snobby attitudes such as Percy and Georgette, Jock and Trusty do turn their noses up at the sight of the ragamuffin Tramp. Yeah, they’ve got a little snob in them after all!

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