Fun Facts Friday!

Disney Fact #152:

While there are some interesting theories circulating about Boo from Monster’s Inc., and her potential time-jumping abilities (see: The Pixar Theory), one assumption can be made. Boo and Darla, from Finding Nemo, must have been born around the same time.

boo and darla mobile

The same mobile found in Boo’s room is also seen in Dr. P. Sherman’s office, and while Darla is older than Boo, it’s only by a couple of years.

I like to think that this mobile lulled the hyperactive child to sleep, and then she donated it to her loving Uncle to serve two purposes: calm nervous children, and add to his love of sea-life.


Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 7

Day 7: Celebrating the Most Lovable Disney Dog of all Time!!!


Aw shucks, guys!

Aw shucks, guys!

Do I even need to explain why Goofy is the ultimate Disney dog?! He completes the classic duo along with his friends, Mickey and Donald. He also stars in one of my all time favorite movies, A Goofy Movie, which holds an unbelievable amount of great memories for me. Yeah, if any of the Disney characters could magically come to life, I would wish for it to be Goofy. I’ve added my favorite Goofy song below and I hope you all enjoy.


Thank you for spending the week with me as I paid tribute to the Disney Dogs in honor of my Oliver. ❤


Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 6

Day 6: Celebrating Disney Dog Sidekicks!

Where would our Disney heroes be without the assistance of their dogs? These dogs will do whatever they can to help their beloved humans, even if they can’t communicate, and sometimes, even when their humans don’t know what’s going on.

Take Max, for example.


He is always by Prince Eric’s side, so out of everyone, he would know what Eric is looking for when it comes to love. He’s a great judge of character, and tried to help Eric get to his Ariel. He even helps the other animals sabotage the “wedding” between Eric and Vanessa/Ursula because he can sense that she is not the right one for his Eric!

Bruno comes to Cinderella’s aid during the climax of the movie. He scared that nasty Lucifer away from the locked door, allowing the mice to free Cinderella before the Prince’s men left. She might never had gotten the chance to slip that glass show onto her foot if it wasn’t for Bruno. Unsung hero? I think so!


Apparently, someone else agrees with me 🙂

Little Brother doesn’t save the day, but I’m sure Mulan is grateful to have him around to help her with her boring chores. Hey, the chickens must be glad, too. Someone needed to keep them fed while Mulan was off saving China!


Zero stays by Jack’s side throughout his adventures, acting as a silent confidant to the tormented skeleton. He also saves Christmas… well, sort of. :/


And while Nana couldn’t tag along with her little “pups”, she still made sure that they were well taken care of, safe, and had their nightly tonic so they would be healthy (even is it doesn’t taste very yummy)! What a good dog!


And last, but certainly not least, the most iconic doggie sidekick around…


Pluto! Our favorite mouse has always needed his favorite dog. They are the ultimate pair, and I don’t imagine either of them would disagree!

Even as the times (and styles) change, Mickey is never without his Pluto!

Even as the times (and styles) change, Mickey is never without his Pluto!

Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 5

Day 5: Celebrating Puppy Love

…And they call it, Puppy Love. Or, as in the classic (yet, nearly deleted!) scene, Bella Notte 🙂

Lady and Tramp spaghetti

The classic poor-guy-rich-girl-meet-and-fall-in-love plot line couldn’t be cuter. The furry couple are responsible for thrusting a moonlit spaghetti dinner into the #1 most romantic evening spot! Okay, that might be going a little too far, but if you haven’t seen the beautiful scene in a while, take a look and be reminded as to why this moment is so iconic!

And let’s not forget these two spotted dogs!


Thanks to the persistent Pongo, a small family was formed to include his love, Perdita, and their humans, Roger and Anita. We all know that the family of four grew much larger after a thrilling expedition to save their beloved pups.

Week of Celebrating Disney Dogs: Day 4

Day 4: Celebrating Disney’s Little Puppies!

Ready… set… sigh… *Aaaaaw*

I often wish that my Anabelle could remain a puppy forever, so cute and little and goofy. Since that isn’t possible, I’ll pass the time watching these forever-young cuties!

Copper is absolutely adorable, with his floppy ears and cute little howl. *Heart melting*



And don’t forget these little ones, all 101 of them! Here are a few of my favorite little snip-its ❤

patch hungrytail  ice


So cute!