Disney Fact #151


I’ve never been on this ride, but I can say I’m glad that things worked out this way anyways. Originally, the heart-stopping Rock N’ Roller Coaster was supposed to play music by the Rolling Stones band. Apparently, though, the band was too expensive for Disney. While that is interesting enough… we all know now that it is Aerosmith’s tunes that blast through the ride. I’m more of an Aerosmith fan, anyways 🙂


Disney Fact #150

Walt Disney World certainly has a way of using all our senses to submerge us into their magical world. One of the strongest senses that is commonly played on in the parks is our sense of smell. Did you know that in the Pavillion of Norway at EPCOT – they scent of “airy mountains” is distributed to give the sense of being out in the hilltops. This scent even has a name, Laila.


Disney Fact #149


In the Pixar movie The Incredible‘s, Mr. Incredible is on a chase. If you listen carefully, the street name that the dispatcher announces is “San Pablo Avenue” – which is the name of the street that the Pixar Headquarters is on. Also, the picture of the map (below) is actually a map of Emeryville CA, where PIxar Studios is located. Nice shout out!

San Pablo Ave. in Emeryville

Top 10 Enemies – to – Friends!

#10 Remy and Linguini from Ratatouille


Everyone knows that rats and kitchens do not mix. So for a young kid just starting out on his own, discovering a rat on his first day at his new job, who is also messing with his soup, did not create the warmest of greetings between Linguini and Remy. Ordered to remove the rat from the kitchen and “take care of it”, Linguini struggles with making his natural enemy suffer. Remy is just as suspicious of the young want-to-be chef, and runs away the moment he is free, regardless of his promise to help Linguini out. Their relationship started off rocky and with very little trust, (Linguini actually thinks that Remy steals from his after his first night in the apartment) but they quickly realize that they both have strengths and weaknesses, and when they team up, they become unstoppable! Remy and Linguini form a special co-dependent bond with one another, and through this unlikely friendship, they both discover who they really are. The son of the great Gusteau, and a chef!

#9 Mulan and Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po from Mulan


You have to hand it to the brave Mulan. She charged into camp disguised as a man, hoping to restore honor to her family. She just forgot one thing: Men and Women are totally different! While her disguise looked great and her courage was there, she was clueless when it came to acting like a guy. Her “helper”, Mushu, didn’t do much to aid in her attempts to make new friends. After Mulan swings a strange physical act on Yao, per Mushu’s advice, a fight begins. At the end of it all, the entire camp is a mess and Mulan is blamed for the extra work. Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po are thick as thieves, so Mulan becomes their natural enemy. They enjoy watching her fail at her exercises and tease her relentlessly. Then suddenly, something changes. The three men get to see Mulan’s bravery and gain respect for her. They are shocked but not angry when they learn she is a woman. And when everything comes to a head, Mulan’s three original enemies stand by her without question. They help protect her in every way they can, and ultimately become the most loyal of friends. I mean come on, they dress in drag for goodness sake! Only a true best friend would do that.

#8 Maggie and Mrs. Calloway from Home on the Range


Strict and stern “matriarch” Mrs. Calloway is not at all impressed with the fancy new bovine that has landed on her “Patch of Heaven” farm. Maggie is a show off, she’s loud, and worse, she’s admired by every one else on the farm. Mrs. Calloway has one focus, and that is to help her owner, Pearl, in running the farm. Mrs. Calloway is a hard-worker, and demands order. Maggie is free-spirited and daring. They are complete opposites! But what brings them together is their love of the farm. They set out to do whatever they can to save their beloved home, and on the way they learn to respect one another. It’s a rough road for them, but once they win back the farm and everything is safe, they learn to appreciate each other. Mrs. Calloway can’t bear to have Maggie leave the farm, and because of this, Maggie stays. She’s found her home!

 #7 Flynn Rider and Maximus from Rapunzel


Can a horse really pass judgment so strongly? He can if the horse is Maximus! This horse-soldier doesn’t speak a word, but you can tell that he is a black-and-white, there’s a right way and wrong way, sort of guy. Uh, horse. While Flynn Rider, AKA Eugene Fitzherbert, sees the world as one big adventure, and the only way to get what you want is to take it. The chase is on once Maximus discovers that Rider has the royal crown in his greedy little hands. Thankfully, Maximus is given a 24-hour hold order by Rapunzel to leave Rider alone until after her birthday. Of course he obeys, and while he spends the day with his enemy, he starts to see that Rider is not the biggest threat out there. Going completely against his nature, Maximus calls in the help of well-known thugs to break Rider out of jail, and rescues his new friend. They share a tender moment together, albeit the timing of Rider’s confession of appreciation is horrible, but in that moment the two become very good friends. I’m sure that makes Rapunzel very happy!

#6 Kuzco and Pacha from The Emperor’s New Groove


Hm… where to start? Kuzco is a spoiled brat that doesn’t give a second thought to how his actions might affect others. Pacha is a sweet family man that quietly moves through life. When Kuzco declares that he will be destroying Pacha’s beloved home to build a water park – for himself – Pacha is upset but due to his personality, he does not make a fuss. Kuzco’s tantrums get on the nerves of many others, including Yzma, who ends up turning Kuzco into a llama. Distraught, confused, and without a friend in the world, Kuzco finds himself at the mercy of Pacha, and learns how to be a better person, and a good friend. Pacha honorably volunteers to bring Kuzco home. He never asks for anything of Kuzco. By leading by example, Pacha unknowingly affects Kuzco who observes a selfless man in action. Kuzco and Pacha eventually become so close, that Kuzco is almost family! He definitely needed to grow up, and thankfully his buddy was there to show him the way.

#5 Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph


He needs a medal so he can join the party. She needs gold to compete in the race. Both are outcasts and very misunderstood. But while they are alike in that aspect, Ralph and Vanellope are at war with each other from the very beginning. She steals his coveted medal, so Ralph is forced to hang around with her until after the race. Ralph thinks Vanellope is annoying, but once he sees her getting picked on by the others, he realizes that they are both outsiders and sympathizes with her. Suddenly, the two become best friends and find themselves on their own adventure. The sweetest part of the movie is at the end when Ralph admits to always sneaking a peek at Vanellope’s video game while he is carried off the apartment building. He sees she is happy, and that makes him happy. All together now… aaaaaawww!

#4 Bolt and Mittens from Bolt


They’re fighting like cats and dogs! Literally! Bolt’s grasp on reality is nonexistent, while Mittens has a more jaded perspective on how the world works. Because of this, the two are able to manipulate each other to get what they want. Bolt has been raised to believe that all cats are spies for the evil Dr. Calico, and takes Mittens prisoner as he treks across the country back to his beloved human, Penny. Mittens believes that Bolt is crazy, but she’s a street-wise alley cat who knows that cute dogs win human affection better than cats (I don’t know if that’s really true but just go with it). She uses Bolt to enjoy the best feasts in her life, while Bolt continues his mission. Bolt is disgusted by cats, but the longer he is away from home, the more he gains an understanding of how the world really works. As he is going through this evolution, Bolt comes to care for Mittens, and his act of kindness in breaking her out of the shelter contradicts with how Mittens views the world. She is speechless when he comes back for her. This moment changes things for the two of them, and soon they become wonderful, happy, lifelong friends… and roommates!

#3 Kenai and Koda from Brother Bear


Kenai is put to the ultimate test when he is forced to walk in the footsteps of his biggest rival; the bears. He hates bears, and finds them absolutely despicable. But since he is not able to undo what has happened to him, he lives the life of a bear and slowly grows to understand the suffering and complications that they, and all animals, face. He grows close to Koda, a young cub who is looking for his mother. Koda is goofy and loves everything while Kenai is bitter and resentful. But as time goes on, Kenai has a change of heart. He begins to understand that there is so much to learn about the world. At the very end, when he is returned to being a human, Kenai does the most unlikely thing and asks to be turned into a bear again. He wants to protect Koda, and feels a responsibility for him. The sacrifice that Kenai makes for Koda creates one of the sweetest friendships ever.

#2 Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc./Monsters University


I took a little poetic justice with this one. Based on the original Monsters Inc., we see the Mike and Sully are best friends. But thanks to Monsters University, we know that they weren’t always so close. I wanted to add them to my Best Buddies Top 10 List, but because I have seen both movies over a dozen times, I just couldn’t bring myself to ignore that fact that when Mike and Sully met, they hated each other! Mike spent his whole life studying and working hard to get into the Scare School and Monsters University. He was dedicated and enthusiastic about his future as a “Scarer”. Sully, on the other hand, had a chip on his shoulder and hoped that his family name and reputation would carry him through his college years. After some interesting twists, Mike and Sully are both facing an alternate career as less-glamorous “Can Designers”, but with some gusto, Mike convinces Dean Hardscarbble to let them compete in the Scare Games. Mike reluctantly lets Sully join (he needed one more guy), and in the beginning the two are competing against one another. They learn to work as a team, though, and by the end the dynamic duo pull of the most incredible scare in Monster history! Now, they are an inseparable pair that use each other’s strengths to climb up the ladder and obtain a spot on the coveted Scare Floor!

#1 Buzz and Woody from Toy Story (trilogy)


It’s the ultimate enemy-to-best friends duo! In the beginning there was jealousy, a struggle for control, and a galactic misunderstanding between both Woody and Buzz. Woody was the Number 1 Toy, the Big Kahuna, until the spaceman came along. What made matters worse was Buzz’s disinterest in being Andy’s favorite toy. He felt no loyalty to the boy or any of the other toys there. This angered Woody to the point of staging an “accident”. Things got out of control, and the two were forced to stick together if they wanted a chance to survive. After making it through the terrible Sid’s demented playtime, Woody and Buzz came to understand one another. This lead to a wonderful friendship that will forever stand through the test of time. They are the classic best friends today because of the way they started, I’m convinced!