Ever Wonder What Disney Movie Hero/Heroine You Are?

Time to find out! This short quiz will reveal all the answers. Apparently I am Peter Pan. So, I share similar qualities to a pre-pubescent boy… interesting.


Actually, it’s not so bad. This is my result:

Everyone loves you for your child-like tendencies and fun-loving spirit! Your loyalty has made you numerous lifelong friendships. Your love for mischief can get you into trouble sometimes, but you always manage to wiggle your way out of it unscathed! Respect.

I can deal with that! Click here to see who you get, and leave me a comment with your results!

4 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Disney Movie Hero/Heroine You Are?

  1. Aladdin!

    “Riffraff, street rat. I don’t buy that.” You are the definition of a diamond in the rough. True royalty at heart! I feel sorry for the poor sap who underestimates you. Anyone who risks imprisonment for a small amount of food is a-OK in my book.

  2. Ariel

    You are a hopeless romantic and have a soft spot for all humans! You are fun-loving and rebellious, much to the dismay of your father. Sometimes your curiosity can lead you into dangerous situations, but you always land on your fin…er, feet. Who could blame you? You just wanna be where the people are!

    Did not see that one coming.

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