Disney Fact #130

When a film is in its infancy, the animators work hard to obtain a certain amount of authenticity to translate on screen. They dive into the culture and really represent the world they are bringing to life. It’s what makes Disney films so amazing, the attention to detail is always so on-point.

But what happens when there is an issue with something that is out of their control? Like, nature, for example?

Apparently, while lions are intimidating and thought of as “kings”, they fall short in one respect. Their roars. While filming The Lion King, animators were frustrated at how “not loud” the lions roars were. They wanted more volume, more power, and so, they had to turn to the lion’s cousin – the tiger.



So at the end of the film, when Simba climbs atop Pride Rock to declare the start of his rule, that fearsome roar heard across the land is actually that of a measly, less royal tiger. I wonder how Scar would feel about that?

We're Greeeaaaattt! (at roaring)

We’re Greeeaaaattt! (at roaring)

Oh, goodie.

Oh, goodie.

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