Ever Wonder What Disney Movie Hero/Heroine You Are?

Time to find out! This short quiz will reveal all the answers. Apparently I am Peter Pan. So, I share similar qualities to a pre-pubescent boy… interesting.


Actually, it’s not so bad. This is my result:

Everyone loves you for your child-like tendencies and fun-loving spirit! Your loyalty has made you numerous lifelong friendships. Your love for mischief can get you into trouble sometimes, but you always manage to wiggle your way out of it unscathed! Respect.

I can deal with that! Click here to see who you get, and leave me a comment with your results!

Disney Fact #137

Pixar's First Love Story has the most adorable couple!

Pixar’s First Love Story has the most adorable couple!

The Pixar film Wall-E has unbelievable visual effects. Some of the most visually atounding moments are when we see the opposition of the run-down, outdated Wall-E sharing a scene with the new, sleek, modern looking EVE. That fresh and futuristic look that EVE has was actually designed by Jonathan Ive, Senior VP and Designer for Apple, Inc. He is responsible for the design of the iPod, iPhone, iMac, etc…

The man with the plan.

The man with the plan.

Pretty cool, huh?


You’ll Thank Me Later ;)

During an hour of boredom, I found myself aimlessly drifting through youtube videos, watching Disney songs, then other people’s renditions of Disney songs, but nothing was catching my attention. Until I stumbled upon this guy!


Some of you may have heard of Nick Pitera already. His videos have has millions of views, but still I never knew he existed until the other day, so hopefully this is new for you, too. I don’t want to ruin the awesomeness of what Pitera does, so please just do me a favor and watch the video. I guarentee you will go on a epic-marathoning of all his videos shortly after. And when that happens, don’t be ashamed. It happens to the best of us. Enjoy!

New Live-Action “The Jungle Book” Movie Casts Its First Exciting Role!

Disney has announced that it will be producing a new The Jungle Book movie, which will involve live-action and animated scenes. They have also announced that the magnificent Ben Kingsley will voice the paternal Panther, Bagheera.


That’s a perfect fit if I ever saw one! I’m very excited to see the new movie and can’t wait to find out more about it. The release date is set for October 9, 2015 and, of course, it will be in 3D. I’ll keep an eye out for more updates!