Disney Fact #128




Oh, the lovable Pluto! His “career” and evolution is very interesting to read about, and as an avid dog-lover (proof), I can’t help but smile as I read about all the nominations and acclaimed shorts that Pluto has starred in.

Of course, there has always been the argument of “If Pluto’s a dog, then what is Goofy?” Well, Goofy is a dog. And Pluto is also a dog. They’re both dogs – it’s just not exactly the same.


This old debate has been touched upon for decades and referenced in many movies and shows. Honestly, I see them both as dogs, and I don’t really care why one is a pet and one is not.

What’s more interesting to me is Pluto’s shady past…

Sorry, the Supernatural season finale was last night and I'm still reeling :)

Sorry, the Supernatural season finale was last night and I’m still reeling 🙂


Well, not really shady, but the status of his own family certainly is not cut and dry.

Back when Pluto’s fame was probably at its highest, he starred in two cartoons that revealed extra members in his family. In Pluto’s Quin-puplets (1937), Pluto is seen with a wife, Fifi, and five children.

fifi quin

And again in Pluto Junior (1942), he has a son tagging along with him.


So, where’s Fifi the Pekinese? And what happened to all his puppies? I’m more interesting in knowing that then wondering why Pluto and Goofy are the same, but aren’t really the same. 🙂


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