Enjoying a Late Sunday Afternoon Movie and Look What I Found…

As a kid, I was always on “Team Donald” when it came to which character of the Mickey Mouse clan was my favorite. Donald Duck’s outbursts and funny way of talking made me laugh, and I always felt a bit sympathetic for him since he was always the odd-man-out.


But as I’ve grown-up, I’ve discovered a greater admiration for Goofy. Maybe it’s because I am a dog lover, or maybe because A Goofy Movie is so special to me, but I can’t help but feeling a connection to the lovable goof. That being said, while A Goofy Movie brings back floods of happy memories, its sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie, never did reach that same level of nostalgia. The movie isn’t that great…

I'm sorry, Goofy :(

I’m sorry, Goofy 😦

…but it does star my favorite original character, so I have watched it a couple of times. Today being one of them.

I wanted to watch A Goofy Movie, but I was too lazy to look for the movie, and since Netflix offers it’s mediocre counter-part, I decided maybe it was time to give it a second try. I haven’t seen it in years, but since I have been working this blog, I find myself always searching for hidden gems. And to my surprise, I stumbled upon one!

Within the first ten minutes of the movie, Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast makes a cameo on Goofy’s kitchen table among a haphazard arrangement of breakfast foods and other kitchen items. I was so excited to actually discover my first ‘hidden mickey’, or whatever the term might be, that I snapped a photo for you all.

The Diva's FIRST Hidden Find!

The Diva’s FIRST Hidden Find!

I’m sure others have discovered this, but since it was my first authentic find, I was pretty excited. I never noticed it when I watched the movie before, but since I have emerged myself in this fanatic Disney culture, my sleuth-like instincts were set into motion. This find also made me more excited to watch the movie, so thanks to Netflix for sometimes choosing the less-popular segments! (a little bit of sarcasm is definitely implied) 🙂

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