The Cutest Collection – I want them all!

Available now on in “Tink’s Treasures” – a section of the online store that highlights the best deals available, the “Animator’s Collection” and “It’s a Small World” dolls are featured as the deal of the week. Why? …

Because they are the most adorable little dolls! They are selling right now for $20 each, which isn’t a bad price, but unfortunately it mean I still can’t get every single one… 😦



Out of the “Animator’s Collection”, Disney Princesses such as Pocahontas (who I found to be the most adorable!), Mulan, Cinderella, and more are designed as 16″ dolls with replicated costumes.


Princess Aurora’s adorable too, with her big blue eyes and Mary Jane shoes. I feel like this blog doesn’t give the Sleeping Beauty much love, so I just had to represent her here today!


Also, the “It’s a Small World” Collection on sale. You can collect one that represents your heritage, or pick a couple that represent a favorite country of yours. I wish they made a doll that represented my heritage. Oh wait, they kind of did. It’s sort of the whole collection! Yes, my Diva heritage covers multiple nationalities, but whose doesn’t nowadays?

You can click here to be taken to the store. Shop around and tell me what you think!

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