Disney Fact #121

For those of you who have found something comforting and warm in the sleeper Home on the Range, this fact should make you smile.

Maggie (center) is one tough cow!

Maggie (center) is one tough cow!

Outspoken firecracker Roseanne Barr (a Diva in her own way!) provided the voice for heroine Maggie, the determined bovine that sets off on a mission to save the “Little Patch of Heaven” farm. This movie is unique and I don’t  think it’s for everyone. I like it because for some reason it always felt familiar and cozy, and I think there should be space in Frontier Land for this film!

Anyways, true to form, Barr improvised a witty comeback that took the G rated movie to a PG level. Her line, “Year, they’re real. Quit staring”.  was deemed a little too adult, apparently.

Say it ain't so!

Say it ain’t so!

The context of this line was made to another character regarding her, well, her utters. That classic sass is to be expected of Barr, isn’t it?




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