Disney Fact #118

The movie Hercules has some of the most snappy, upbeat songs, and that is all thanks to The Muses! The soulful choir navigates us along with the story of the struggling hero.



Now this little tidbit caught my attention. As a 90’s kid, I grew up loving pop bands (BackStreet Boys, anyone?). One of my favorite groups of all time was none other than the kick-ass girl group, The Spice Girls!

Spice Up Your Life!

Spice Up Your Life!

Apparently, this rocking group were originally considered to voice the jubilant muses. Now, I love those girls. I adored Ginger spice, and always sang her parts when me and my friends “performed” their music. But, them as the muses? I’m actually glad that they didn’t go that route. Can you imagine?…

Oh, please.

Oh, please.

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