Disney Fact #108

It’s an all-star cast when it comes to the voice actors in The Lion King. James Earl Jones (Mufasa), Rowin Atkinson (Zazu), Nathan Lane (Timon), and even the always spectacular Jeremy Irons, who is the voice of villainous Scar, all led their talents towards this miraculous film.

And as usual, the great Jim Cummings grabbed a role himself, giving voice to Ed the hyena. But did you know that Cummings had to save the day when it came to the plotting song “Be Prepared“?

be prepared

Jeremy Irons’ solo song as Scar came into trouble when Irons’ developed vocal issues and could not sing. But luckily for the cast (and us!), Cummings used his astonishing talent and recorded the song in place of Irons’. Next time you watch The Lion King, see if you can hear the difference in Scar’s speaking and singing voice. I bet you it won’t be easy!


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