The World Comes Together to Celebrate “It’s A Small World”

The infamous Disney attraction “It’s a Small World” will be celebrating its 50th birthday on April 10th. The ride was developed as a symbol of world peace, a hopeful tribute to the future that we all hope for. A world where our differences are celebrated, where people are united, and everyone can join in song together. Fifty years ago at the World’s Fair in New York, the memorable tune debuted.

The Walt Disney Company will donate $150,000 to UNICEF in honor of the 50th Anniversary! Disney and UNICEF’s long-standing relationship is based on a mission to bring hope to those less fortunate. In the spirit of charity, the organizations have created the special 50th Anniversary Celebration that will pay tribute to the history and purpose of “It’s a Small World”. The best part is, we are all invited to celebrate this milestone!


Participating in the 50th Anniversary will bring a smile to your face and help Disney and UNICEF’s efforts to bring more smiles to others. How can you help?

It’s simple. First, visit this fun website and check out the details. There, you can build your own doll and add him or her to the virtual “World”. For every doll you create, $1 will be donated to UNICEF. If dolls aren’t your thing, you can add your voice to the global sing-a-long! Record your video on the website and $1 will also be donated to UNICEF.

I might be a Disney Diva, but public singing is not my thing. So, I went and created a cute doll instead! Mine is the one with the pigtails. 🙂


The most exciting news is that on April 10th, the Disney Parks Cast Members across the world will be singing the “It’s a Small World” song together! That’s all of the information so far, but I’ll keep checking back to see if and when it will broadcast. I hope they do a special, how awesome would that be to see!

Before you go and start building your doll or recording your show-stopping solo, check out this sweet collaboration of people from all over the world singing the song. It begins with a short introduction by Richard Sherman, one of the Sherman brothers who wrote the song.

I hope you will participate in this fun and helpful cause! Check back often, I will be posting any updates on this celebration as quickly as possible!



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